True Blood 7.7 One last time

True Blood is back and we open the night with Eric having Amber tied down and trying to get her to tell him where her Sister is. The girl is being stubborn, but the True Blood guy offers her a lot of money and she eventually says that Sarah is the cure. The girl has a fit at Eric and says something he doesn’t appreciate so he has a tantrum and kills her, well there went their only lead to Newlin but hey you can’t blame him he is having a bad day.

Andy and Holly are out looking for the kids and find a cell phone. While Bill and Jessica and Sookie are watching his Hep V spread like wild fire and trying to decide how it is going so fast. Andy gets Bill on the phone, but it gets passed over to Jess pretty soon after that. Seems like Jess is just having a night that is getting worse overall. Meanwhile Violet has taken the kids to a what looks like a mansion with everything kids could want she even shows them to what is clearly a naughty sex room. I think a lot of people would like her room.

Just when we think Arelene has become a fang banger like we always knew she would as it turns out it is a dream. While back with Eric and Pam they are getting changed and Eric is still on I am going to kill Sarah Newlin path, but the True Blood guy has a money offer for him instead. He wants Eric to be the Vampire spokesperson for his “New Blood” once they catch Sarah Newlin so they can take care of the Hep V problem in exchange he offers Eric 49% of the company. Eric says no at first, but in the end he decides that it will be a pretty good idea and he gives him his word.

While BIll is sleeping or dying, we have not decided yet we see a flashback of him being a petulant child over being told he must marry. He wanted to see the world, but his Father says he will marry Caroline and they will combine lands and that is all there is about it. This week there is a lot of jumping around but it seems to be going in an interesting direction. Hoyt shows up with his new girl and Arelene gets to see how he is glamoured while Jason is at home vacuming in his boxers its cute to see.

Our favorite adorable Doctor shows up in a big hummer and her and Sookie take off down to Bills house because Sookie didn’t have her show up at his house. Then we have another flashback to when Bill first meets his soon to be Wife. While he had some complaint he seems to be struck speechless for a moment when he first meets her. They are just heading off on a walk when Doctor Ludwig wakes him up, in her usual I don’t care kind of way and gets him to come down to the parlor. Ludwig made such a big deal out of not being scared of anything or anyone yet as soon as she hears about Nile, she goes running for the hills. Looks like we know why Bills Hep V is going as fast as it is.

Out in the cemetery Sookie calls on her Grandfather, but gets no reply or at least she thinks she doesn’t, when she gets home he is in her kitchen. He is eating and they have some conversation about how he is always watching and that he was indeed watching while she infected Bill.She manages to get his word about trying to help Bill.

Meanwhile Newlin has taken her crazy self to the Light of Day camp that they used to have and she has a conversation with an imaginary Jason. He tells her that her number is up and that Eric is coming to get her. A Japanese satellite gets her in their sights and it looks like Eric may be out of luck because the Japanese are moving out including saying to the big guy, “You can find another Vampire.” We can hope he keeps his word since he gave it to Eric.

Sookie needs to learn some things and her Grandpa tells her they have to channel natures memory in order to get some answers for Bill. The first thing they get to learn is Bill’s family and how his beautiful Caroline has an adorable baby. He goes on to tell her that there are miracles in the everyday, in forgiveness in love, in babies and in everything. He also tells her that his magic can’t fix Bill and he does actually seem to be sorry for it though Sookie does not appreciate his words.

Violet launches her scary plan on the kids it causes Jess to run like hell. Eric and Pam wake up late and it looks like everyone cleared out, but as it turns out they waited. Eric is surprised, but he looks pretty happy about it. Sookie and Bill seem to be back together at least until he gets the Hep V. Then in the last minutes Sarah has lost her sanity and is seeing all her past lovers as she talks to herself. Eric and his crew show up and it looks like it will be the final showdown for Newlin, we can only hope that Eric gets her blood fast. Bill and Sookie are having a nice session of love making and don’t seem to care too much about the rest of it. Good for them. The episodes are counting down only a few left.

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