True Blood 7.2 #TrueToTheEnd

Sunday in Bon temps again and it is time to see what trouble the gang is getting up to, it is safe to say this season is going to be a lot of death. We start the week however with a very intense and naughty scene between our beloved Viking Eric Northman and Jason the hunky if not always smart Stackhouse. A hot scene that if you didn’t know any better you would think was real and we would know Eric was alive and well, sadly there is no universe ever where Eric Northman would be the bottom. True enough it shows to be a dream, Jason’s in church none the less.

The rest of the show goes on jumping back and forth and honestly, as much as this writer loves True Blood it is not their best work. What we get is a whole lot of hopeless (understandable) and random bobbles. The pitchfork crazy crowd goes into the police station and locks up what law enforcement is there and baby fairy girl of Andy’s and goes around shooting targets in the station. While Jason, Alcide, Sookie and company have trekked off to some other town where the dead body Sookie found last week lives.

The town is completely empty the Hep V vamps have taken everyone from it oh but there is a magical diary left by the woman. Irony of all Irony the woman happens to have gone through almost just the same exact thing that Sookie did in terms of meeting a vampire and falling in love and all that good stuff. She is not a fairy so that is missing but, it just comes off as a little bit contrived and off. Come on writers you can do better.

Arlene and those who are captive in Fangtasia find a way to try to escape when one of the vampires turns out to have been her son’s teacher. It all seems to go well after some fast talking by Arlene until the moment of escape comes and the woman goes down to take blood from Arlene’s femoral artery and then does a goo bag impression of Nora (least she went in Eric’s arms). It was gross and yet rather neat at the same time but it looks like escape is out.

Meanwhile Tara’s Mom has lost her mind and is addicted to V. She takes the V and she is able to see Tara or so she thinks anyways. That woman has gone a little bit crazy then again she was never exactly right in the head to start with, but oh dear and she has Willa giving her blood by burning herself bad.
In the last minutes of the show, Sookie goes to Bills house and asks if he could still feel her if she was in big trouble so some drama is going to happen there you know that. Then we get the answer we have all wanted, Pam finds Eric in France. The bad news is he has the tell tale signs of Hep V. We can only hope the writers have some explaining to give us on that one.

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