True Blood 7.10 Thank You

It has to come an end my friends, True blood’s final episode is on. The biggest question now is, who is going to get out alive. The show opens with Bill at Sookie’s house. Bill is trying to explain to Sookie why he is allowing himself to die. He explains that the sickness had made him feel more human then he has felt even when he was an actual human. After he expresses to her about children and how he could never give that to her she seems to understand a bit more. Then he says he wants her to kill him with her ball of fae light, by doing so she would never have to worry about Vampires again. She of course refuses and asks him to leave.

The Japanese in the end are on their way to Sookies house. Pam and Eric are in the basement of Fangtasia Pam having been released. He does it in a way that means he does not want to share with the Japanese man anymore. He feeds Newlin Pam’s blood and reminds her now they can find her anyway and anytime as long as she is scared. He calls Gus down and in short order him and Pam kill his men that are there and then blow Gus up with Eric stating that “humans are slow.” After that Eric kills the men outside of Sookies house then is enjoying using their little car to haul the bodies off while jamming to the music.

Pam finds Newlin hiding in a park and eating garbage. Oh this woman is something else when she tries to get Pam to turn her. Pam of course outright refuses even when she tries to convince her she will be lesbian. She does state there is one thing that she wants from her however, her blood as she has not been vaccinated yet. Nice to see Pam getting her feed on. While back at Bills home Jessica and Hoyt show up and there is some conversation while Bill asks if Hoyt plans on marrying her someday and Hoyt says that he does indeed. Jessica seems a bit shocked at that and her and Bill have a conversation in his study. Bill then goes on to explain to Jessica why he said what he did and how he felt that her and Hoyt were safe, and together and that she was spoken for. It is so old fashioned of him but a kind thought. Jessica then says if Hoyt really does want to marry her, then maybe it could be today. Clearly she wants Bill there.

While Sookie is at home and she is having some memories and flashbacks to her and Tara in the house. After she has those thoughts she heads over to Jason’s house and meets Bridget while Jason is still in bed. After they talk some Sookie seems to be okay with the girl and they make Jason coffee to wake him up, it is gross instant and Sookie comments on how he is disgusting for wanting it. While the two have a talk about what Bill asked her to do and Jason cant really give much advice and in the middle of it Hoyt calls Jason and asks him to be his best man. While Jessica calls Sookie and asks about a wedding dress.

It is not long before everyone is heading over to Vampire Bills dressed and ready to go for the wedding. Bill asks to speak with good ole Sheriff Andy a bit and reminds him that they are family and when he dies that his house will pass over to him. Bill asks him if he could rent the house to them, for a dollar a month and if they forget maybe he could look away. Andy of course agrees because he couldn’t use the house and he does seem to like Jessica and Hoyt. While Hoyt and Jason are having a good conversation, Hoyt is nervous but Jason is showing up and being good for his friend.

Arelene is checking out the house and enjoying it and she goes to check on Jessica. We don’t get to see the bride until it’s the moment and it is BIll who though he has to struggle, walks her down the isle. Jessica looks like a lovely bride if a bit overwhelmed. The ceremony is nice, with pretty music and with Andy saying he brought notes so he does not mess it up. During the ceremony however Sookie can hear Bills thoughts. This is the first time she can hear his thoughts, the first are about the pain the next is about how much he loves Sookie. While Andy is saying love is love even if the state doesn’t know for sure. They have no vows and no rings but Andy improvises and really shows what a great man he can be. They make it through the ceremony safely and everyone is happy.

After the wedding Jason has a sweet talk with Sookie and she says that she approves of Bridget. Then Sookie takes herself to the church. She has a very interesting and touching conversation with the reverand. He helps giving her some advice on what to do if she can unfairy or not. The nice thing is that he does not know all of it. Afterwards she leaves and calls Bill telling him that she has made the arrangements with the cemetary and that she wlll meet him at Sundown. Dressed in black she prepares herself and goes. She arrives of course before Bill to an open grave with an old wooden coffin in it. One can assume it was the one he was supposed to be buried in. When he arrives they talk about the coffin and how she does not want to do this and he says she knows she doesn’t. They say their goodbyes and Bill climbs down into the grave and opens the coffin which is filled with dirt and a photograph of him and his Daughter. She tells him to get in before she loses her nerve, so he does. She creates the ball of light and he prepares himself there is a long hestiation so he says Sookie and she contiunes to stare at her light. Then says that this is who she is, it is part of her truth whether she likes it or not. She also says that he is a part of her and he always will and she says that she can’t do it and takes her light again. She asks him if he still wants to die however and when he says yes she gets some wood as a stake. They share love words and a kiss and she stakes him with his help. We have seen this before with Bill but he does pop and blow seems this time he is actually gone. Sookie disolves into a sobbing wreck. Then the blodd mess gets closed into the coffin. After scooping some dirt into his grave she walks away.

A year later We see Eric doing an infomercial three years after that Eric is on Wall street with Pam opening the stock market. That thanksgiving we see a pregant Sookie saying thanks Hun to someone who put in a turkey and Jason crawling around on the floor. He is married to Bridget and has several very cute looking kids. Sarah Newlin in the meantime is in the basement of Fangtasia being used as a blood whore in white. Pam and Eric are happy and Eric is back in his throne where he should be.

Sam is even at Sookies big Thanksgiving and everyone is happy with children and babies and it’s a big table of joy. We never see the face of Sookies husband but the important part is she got what Bill wanted her to have. Farewell True Blood we really enjoyed you.

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