Games of Thrones 34 Oathkeeper

Another episode of Game of Thrones is on us and it is time to find out what everyone is up to this week after the interesting end to things last week. We open with Greyworm being taught how to read and working on some of his memories before Dany arrives and says that it is time. The unsullied then dress as slaves and sneak into the city giving the slaves there a pep talk about what it is like to be free and how they are more in number then the Masters; they also supply the slaves with some nice swords. The Masters of the city are then nailed to crosses like they nailed slaves, Dany is advised to perhaps answer injustice with mercy but she instead states that she will answer injustice with justice.

Jamie is still learning how to fight with his other hand. It is pretty funny when he gets beaten with his own hand and reminded that is what just happened. He finally goes to speak with Tyrion as well and they have a little bit of brotherly bonding. Jamie thinks Sansa is the one who killed the King while Tyrion insists that she is not a killer not yet anyways. Meanwhile on the ship Little finger and Sansa are talking and she is trying to decide who killed the King, while Little finger points out that she failed to notice a stone was missing from the necklace he gave her after the feast. When she asks him why he tells her that his new friends wanted it very much and that there is nothing like a thoughtful gift to make a new friendship grow.

Jon Snow meanwhile is getting his men ready and training them. I understand Jon went through a lot but boy he has sure come along way and become a commander since he returned! On one level you ask yourself how did that happen so fast and yet on the other you are happy to see it because there is some bad stuff coming their way. Jon gets slapped down pretty fast and reminded that he’s a steward causing a tense standoff for a moment but he goes off to do what he is supposed to be doing. Cersei is still being Cersei still blames Tyrion and wants four men posted day and night at her soon to be King Son’s door, ah the drama that continues! That future King however gets a nighttime visit and predictably is very wide eyed about the Woman in his room.

Jamie manages to earn some brownie points back in working to keeping part of his oath. He goes to Brienne and gives her his sword that was forged from Ned’s and tells her to use it to defend Sansa to find her and keep her safe, so that he can keep his oath about returning the girls safely in a way. He also gives her a suit of armor that fits her perfect, oh and a squire. Which she doesn’t really want but she gets him anyways. When Jamie says, they say the best swords have names and asks if she has any ideas she looks and says without hesitation, Oathkeeper. It is a touching moment and almost makes us forget what Jamie did last week, almost.

Meanwhile one more baby is left out in the cold for the White Walkers or as the woman of the house chant a gift for the Gods. It also appears Jons wolf is being kept caged and not happy about it. The crying baby can be heard by Bran and his group so they are far into the wall as Summer is finds Ghost when he is trapped along with Ghost. Unfortunately when they go to investigate the group gets caught. We finally find out what happens to the babies however when the white walkers come upon the final one that was left out..and turn his eyes to their shade.

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