Game of Thrones 50 Mother’s Mercy

It is finally here after waiting all week the Game of Thrones season finale and it promises to be a big one after last weeks show with Dany riding off on her dragon. We open this week on the snow and winter trouble melting after Stannis killed his Daughter. When he is walking out and preparing to form up, he is informed that many of his men deserted. In fact, half of them did and took the horses. Just after being told that another man takes him out to where his wife has hung herself from a tree, or been hung but chances are given her loss she hung herself. Then, while cutting his wife down, the red Witch is reported to be riding out of camp. His only response is then to form up the men and march on Winterfell.

Back at the wall Jon is telling Sam about what happened with him. He lost the dragon glass, but they say it didn’t matter because they would need a mountain of it. Long claw didn’t shatter because it was valaryian steel and there isn’t many of those kind of swords left in the seven kingdoms. Sam asks if he can leave with Gilly and the Baby so that he can become a Maester. Jon says he needs him there for advice. After a touching speech about how he will die trying to protect Gilly and the baby and he would rather see a thousand white walkers, Jon agrees to let him go.

While men march on Winterfell Sansa is working on making her escape. She picks the lock well and makes a run for it. Podric, who has been hunting in the woods sees the men coming and makes that run for Brienne and lets her know what is happening. Sansa manages to get her candle in the highest window and Podric sees it. Meanwhile Sansa herself is in the window and watches the Armies ride out to meet one another. Stannis thought there was going to be a siege boy was he wrong. The battle doesn’t take long and Stannis has his army beaten. It is Brienne in keeping her word that strikes the actual death blow. Well done to her.

Bad news is with Ramsay winning Sansa is cornered again by Ramsays woman and her bow and arrow. Slave boy Reek begs her to go with. Sansa says she would rather die now than deal with what is in store for her. When the girl is about ready to shoot Sansa, Theon finally makes an appearance and shoves the girl off the walkway and makes a run for it with Sansa. About time he does something to help! They jump from one of the walls hopefully into the soft powder below.

Meanwhile Arya makes her way back into the whore house and finally gets to kill the first name on her list. She lets him know he was the first name on her list for what he did. She enjoys her killing of him and letting him know she is Arya Stark and that he is no one and nothing before she finally slices his throat. Then she makes her way back to the house of black and white. Might not have been who she was supposed to kill, but she took one. Then she is informed that she stole from the many faced god and a debt is owed and when she thinks she is going to be killed, A man drinks instead. This affects Arya greatly and the other girl asks why she is upset. Then Jaqen shows up not dead and Arya pulls away many faces while learning another lesson and her sight is taken from her.

Jamie is on his way home and being wished safe journey. While on the boat Jamie is waxing very wise with his Daughter as he is so happy and surprised she fell in love with the man she was assigned to marry. She then also tells him that she knows what he is trying to say and that she is glad that he is her Father. Talk about a surprised look for Jamie. After she hugs her Father, however she suddenly starts looking bad and bleeding from the nose, she drops to the floor of the ship with Jamie catching her. Back on the docks the Mother Sand woman also bleeds from the nose, then wipes off her lipstick and takes the antidote to the poison.

Tyrion and his ragtag group of friends have made it back to the pyramid and he asks the other two men if they love her. Clearly didn’t take him long to sort that out. Greyworm comes to try and kick Jorah out but he gets informed that Jorah saved her. Tyrion and Dany’s right hand girl have a nice chat in Valyrian. Then there is an argument about how they will go and find her. It gets pointed out to Tyrion that he might not do well out in the wilderness, but he would be better off governing the city. The people won’t listen to Tyrion but they will trust Greyworm and Missandrei and Tyrion can be the wise head of the trio. Everyone looks a little bit worried about this agreement.

For her part Dany is off on a hillside. Her boy is hurt but she keeps telling him that they must go home, she even gently asks if he can take her back to Meereen. He is basically ignoring her and focusing on licking his wounds. When she climbs on this time he growls, hisses and shakes her off. He is not a boy who always listens. After that show he curls up and goes to sleep as Mom says at the very least you could hunt us some supper. As Dany walks off she is soon surrounded by riders she drops a ring into the dirt so that someone knows where she was as she was sure she is about to be kidnapped while Drogon sleeps. The men whoop and holler and ride around her in a circle it seems to be a joyus occasion for them and soon the field is covered.

Cersei finally gives in at being asked to confess. She says she wants to be clean again and that she wants absolution. Cersei confesses somewhat and she is told she will have a trial because she has only confessed to one sin. She then begs for one drop of the Mothers Mercy that she has not seen her son. She is then permitted to return to the red keep. Cersei is then informed she will be free to go after her Atonement. She is stripped and washed roughly then made to sit on a harsh wooden stool and her hair is sliced off badly with a razor. She is then dressed in grey dirty robes and marched out in front of a crowd. The high sparrow says she will present herself as the Gods made her before all of them and make her walk of atonement. The clothing is then stripped off and she steps out to make her walk while one of the mothers follows her and says shame shame and rings a bell. After the shock wears off the crowd, of course, turns on her shouting things and throwing things. You should feel bad for her, especially when she falls and looks up at the red cap. But it is hard to feel bad for her given all she has done. She gets back up and keeps walking right to the keep. Covered in muck, food, naked and crying, she walks past the guards and finally into the castle. She is covered quickly once inside. She is shown kindness and the newest member of the Kingsguard is presented to her a hulking man who scoops her up and carry’s her. She is then told that the man who is carrying her has taken a holy vow of silence and he will not speak until all of the evil and enemies of hers are driven.

Back at the wall Jon is trying to explain why the wildlings won’t fight. When the red witch shows back up. She gets asked about Stannis and the Princess and says nothing she just walks away. Jon later gets good news from a wildling that his Uncle Benjen is still alive. The bad news is they lied to him and Jon is then stabbed several times, and it is claimed to be for the watch. The entire time they stab him for the watch, for the watch. Jon falls and even the young one he showed kindness to hits him and says for the watch, the last shot we see is Jon Snow bleeding out on the snow. What a depressing and little bit shocking ending to the season. Jon was one we all thought would make it.

HBO’s Game of Thrones

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