Game of Thrones 49 Dance of Dragons

A dance of dragons and it is time to see what is going on after last week’s stunning episode of game of thrones. Things open up in the camp of Stannis and a sudden fire erupts, burning men, horses and of course a great deal of their supplies. The solution to this for Stannis is locking up the guards who were on duty because they either fell asleep or are working with the enemies. As things are being hashed out the women arrive and Stannis declares the dead horses should be butchered for meat.

Meanwhile a very beat up looking Jon and those who managed to get away from the attack finally make it to the wall. Jon is frustrated as he waits and the door is not open, not right away anyways finally, after he shows himself very clearly the trouble maker opens the gates. Jon is very clearly relieved and everyone goes in and he speaks with Sam, he thinks he failed. Sam then points out all the people who are alive because of what Jon did. The snow is coming down but at least everyone is getting into Castle Black for the time being. Trouble maker crow says that Jon has a good heart and that it will get them killed.

Back in the camp of Stannis they are making it clear how cold it is getting. Men wait in line to be fed and are shivering another looks like he may be freezing to death. Davros meanwhile, goes to talk with the Princess who is reading The Dance of Dragons a true telling, he also gives her a stag that he made. As he puts it this is his own poor way of saying thank you for making him be a grown up and teaching him to read. Then he takes his leave as he will be gone for a few days, but wants to hear all about the dragons when he gets back.

Back in the sands Jamie is brought before Prince Doran and his daughter who is dressed in a dornish dress which surprises Jamie. The questions, of course, start to be asked about why he is there and Jamie is very clear about saying why he is there that he received a threatening message with her necklace. Myrcella says it was stolen from her room. The prince insists that the engagement must stand in order for the alliance to continue and Jamie agrees with that demand. Jamie also agrees with the demand about one of their people being on the small council. After the Princes sister snarks and the threat has to be issued Jamie continues on pleasantly to ask about Bronn. When the Prince, who was struck is asked what he would do he says he will set Bronn free, on one condition and then things cut down to the prisons.

The sand girls are playing games and arguing over it when the guards let Bronn out and brought to the meeting room. Then it comes out, what the condition is the big guard who let Bronn out punches him in the face and knocks him down. It could be worse right?

Arya meanwhile, is selling her oysters, clams and cockles. Some nasty looking men ask how much for her little clam but after they move on she keeps on going through her duty. She is looking very nervous as she hides the bottle she was given in her pouch and keeps wheeling her cart. The gambling man beckons her over and she hesitates and then she is staring off at the docks. There are men coming on and one of them happens to be one on Arya’s list. She watches them pass and then slowly follows. She is clearly breaking with what she was supposed to do, or is she? As she sells some oysters the men continue to bicker about money and the guard seems to notice her slightly. The day passes and she ends up even going in to sell her oysters inside a whore house. The guard keeps rejecting whores because they are too old even the most expensive one is considered too old. After Arya feeds them oysters and is shoo’d off a young girl is brought in and the man is finally happy. He leaves with the girl only after staying you’ll have a fresh one for me tomorrow and being told they will.

Arya finally makes it back to the home of the many faced god. She says that the thin faced man wasn’t hungry today and gets away with it. A man falls over dead and a girl has work to do, she goes to do it along with the thought that the thin faced man will be handled the next day.

Meanwhile, Stannis talks with, his Daughter. She tells him about the story she has read and about all of the choosing sides. Stannis says that sometimes you have to choose sides and all of that. Sweet girl offers to do anything she can to help her Father and like the jerk that he is Stannis accepts. He asks her to forgive him while they hug and then she is lead out to a gathering of wood. Stannis’s daughter, then demands to see her Father and is told it will all be over soon as she is secured to the wooden pole. Poor Shireen is sacrificed pleading for her Mother who finally gives in but Stannis does not give away and she is burned alive as a royal sacrifice to this god. Shireen’s Mother finally breaks away and runs to her, but is held back by the guards. At this point one can only hope someone does the same thing to Stannis someday and burns him alive since he did it to a child.

It is now time to check in with Dany and she is in a nice large fighting arena that looks like a roman coliseum. Just like in the roman age the people are cheering and happy and excited as the games are done in her name. The games don’t begin until she claps her hands, which after a moment of hesitation, she does and the fighting begins. Tyrion is sitting with the Queen and her intended he of course advises that he doesn’t agree with the leisure time of watching deaths and Tyrion announces that his Father would have liked the man. The second battle sees some emotion on Dany because Jorah is fighting in her honor. Once more she must clap, but she hesitates even more this time because of Jorah. The battle is fierce and Jorah takes some serious wounds, but keeps battling on. Tyrion tells Dany that she could end the battle, her fiance says she can’t but Tyrion insist that she can Dany still makes no moves but continues to look troubled. After injury and struggle, however and booing with the crowd Jorah wins the battle and in addition he spears an assassin that was coming up behind Dany. Suddenly, however more come out of the crowd and begin butchering common people while men protect Dany. Jorah makes his way to help Dany get away as her fiance is butchered, she finally forgives him and goes with him and Tyrion saves her slave girl. It is utter chaos, but they are doing their best to protect Dany however, they become surrounded in the middle of the pits. That is until one by one the men pick off those around them and Dany closes her eyes. Once she does that her wayward Son arrives and slaughters anyone making a run for his Mother. Of course that makes everyone run and many of them get fried. When Dany removes a spear from Drogon they finally seem to come together again as Mother and Son and she climbs aboard and truly becomes a Dragon rider and Mother of Dragons.

HBO’s Game of Thrones

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