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Another week of Game of Thrones finds us enjoying Cersei finally getting what she deserves. However, things open with Dany dealing with Tyrion and Jorah. Tyrion makes a very nice case for himself and ends up advising Dany about what to do with Jorah. Dany of course wants to kill him as she said she would, however Tyrion pointed out that a ruler who kills those who are devoted to her is not one who inspires devotion. In the end Jorah is removed from the city rather than killed.

While back in Kings Landing Cersei is looking worse for wear. She has not eaten or bathed and is being offered water only if she will confess. When she asks about her Son the water is just thrown on her instead and she gets nothing to drink. Of course she starts crying, it is hard to feel bad for her.

Meanwhile Arya has taken on a whole new identity. She is telling her story of being an oyster girl what her name is and how she managed to save up for her cart of oysters. Once she is able to tell the story with only a small correction she is told to turn right instead of left and go to the harbor. What she needs to do there, however, is not revealed to her only that it is something different. So off she goes in her new outfit to sell oysters and clams. At the harbor she sells some oysters to an old man who is surrounded by money and puts the vanilla in the oysters as well. Meanwhile, she overhears a man being dragged off and she reports back everything she saw and heard. Arya now known as Lana must go and learn about the man and she is also given a bottle of something to give him once she knows more about the man.

While in the North Sansa has some words for Theon he of course reminds her again that he is Reek now. He seems to be trying to appeal to Sansa telling of what happened to him when tried to escape how the pieces were cut away. Sansa tells him good that if she could do what Ramsay did she would. Since then, however, gets the truth after nearly beating it out of Theon that her Brothers aren’t dead.

Dany is having another meeting with Tyrion and they continue the banter. Tyrion asks if he is going to be killed and she asks if he will advise her. Tyrion won’t tell her why he killed his Father, yet but they continue to talk, Tyrion wants to see if she is the right kind of terrible. After a good amount of chat Dany finally says that she will not kill him, not banish him either in fact she will have him be an advisor. That he will advise her on how to get what she wants, he first tries to talk her out of wanting the Iron throne. Dany reminds him she isn’t going to turn the wheel she will break the wheel.

While Jorah returns back to the slave owners and says he won and he wants to fight in front of the Queen. The slave owner asks why he came back and Jorah tells him, let me fight for her and I belong to you.

Cersei is meanwhile lowered to having to sip water off the floor as it is poured there because she will not confess and yet she will let herself die.

Back in the land of the far North Sam is being patched up after he was beaten. Sam then explains to one of the younger men why Jon is taking the risk he is and why it is needed. The fact is, when the army of the white walkers comes they will need every man they can get every single man. Sam tells him to try not to worry and that Jon always comes back.

Meanwhile, Jon and his man have made it to the home of the wildlings and of course they come up against some disgust. When a man in a bone mask suggests that the red haired man sucks Jon’s cock he ends up getting killed and everyone else gathers up to talk. The talk isn’t going well until Jon brings out the dragon glass and tells about how Sam killed a walker with it. Things take a moment of downturn when Jon confesses to putting an arrow in Mance’s heart, however red hair speaks up for him and lets them know the arrow was a mercy. Eventually everyone comes around and agrees to fight with “King crow”.

The loading of people to head back to the wall is all going great until a sound starts in. A storm is moving in and then that is when the army of the dead appear and all hell breaks loose. Everything goes downhill from there as a large battle ensues and many are killed Jon himself is almost taken out. That is until he uses the sword he was given and kills one of the white walkers himself, the iron did not shatter. Interesting! Things are left on a tentative note as the King looking walker comes down and raises all of the wildlings who were killed only adding to his army as Jon makes his getaway with the survivors.

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