Game of Thrones 47 The Gift

After last week’s trauma that happened with the Sansa and put many people up in arms, you have to wonder what Game of Thrones is going to do this week. Maybe something a little less controversial? Probably not.

We open up at the wall where Jon is still trying to get the wildlings on his side and this time the red haired wonder is taken out of his chains and let go. Of course others aren’t happy and are claiming it is an insult to those who have died fighting them, but Jon just says thanks for your thoughts. Sam gives Jon the dragon glass that was used to kill the white walker and tells him that he hopes he doesn’t need it. Then Jon and the wildling set out on their journey.

Sansa begs Theon for help, he reminds her that his name is Reek and she should just do as he says so he doesn’t hurt her. Sansa says that he hurts her every night and then continues to push on Theon the more he says his name is Reek she reminds him he is Theon Greyjoy and asks him to put the candle in the highest window of the broken tower so that those who have promised help, can get the signal. After her speech, he takes the candle and walks out into the freezing winter storm. This could be a moment of redemption for Theon for what he did to the Stark family. He goes to Ramsay, who calls him Reek again and we see him looking out at the tower. Come on Theon do the right thing. The next day after a brief look at the old dragon’s watch has ended at the wall Ramsay is telling Sansa how beautiful she is and tells her that Stannis is on his way. Telling about how loyal the army, he has is and they will be suffering now. That one day he will be lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North and that Sansa will be his Lady. Sansa points out, if the baby is a boy that even younger a true born will always have the strongest claim. Ramsay does not like her pointing out all the bastards involved, but Ramsay just points out how far Jon has risen in the world. Then he goes to show her why he asked her to join him and there is the dead old woman, Sansa’s helper. Theon stayed true to being Reek and told about what was going to be done. Sansa is sent back to her rooms after seeing the flayed old woman. Ramsay is a twisted bastard.

Stannis and his advisers are waiting outside Winterfell he is being told to go back to Castle Black. Stannis refuses to go back that Winter is coming is not only the Stark words, but the truth and if they retreat now they will winter at Castle Black and who knows how long that is going to be. They will march forward to victory or to death. Once he has dismissed his men he talks to the Red Witch again, you can see that he is unsure he wants her to confirm what she has seen ask if she was sure in what she saw. They talk about the blood that must be spilled and sacrificed for victory. This time, however the sacrifice is pushed too far, the Red witch wants him to kill his own Daughter. He wants to do it another way leeches or something similar and sends her away when she says there is no other way.

Sadly back at the wall Sam’s girl is cornered by two other men of the watch. They try to get some attention from her, claiming they just want a kiss and the like but we know they want more. Sam arrives just in time to help her and sends her back to her room, but she doesn’t run away she stays to help Sam who is not going very well in the fight. The men think Sam lied about killing a white walker and they kick and beat on him badly. Sam still gets up after his beating and tells them to take their hands off her. As they approach Sam again Ghost comes in, snarling and chases them off for Sam. Jon might not be there, but he left his Dire wolf, Sam passes out on the floor after that. His reward once he wakes and is being tended to by his little lady is a kiss for himself and then more than a kiss, well done Sam who needs that vow of chastity and all.

We finally check in with Tyrion and Jorah as they are brought along by the slavers. They are talking him up big time in the fighting arena, including saying that he killed Khal Drogo, which we all know he didn’t but he gets sold for a nice price of 20. Next up is Tyrion who says he has to be bought as well that they are a team and he is a great fighter too. When he gets laughed at then he makes his point by pulling on his chains and beating on the slaver who was holding him, he does it pretty well so the slave man decides to buy him too. Tyrion tries to remind him that the city is free and he wants a wage, he gets a smack and a small pay for that.

Meanwhile Dany is with her lover, even if she is engaged to be married. To her that is nothing but politics and she reminds him of that. You have to admire her for taking what she wants even while she is planning a marriage to a great house. The conversation turns serious when he suggests she marry him instead that she is free to do as she pleases but she says that she is not. She is clearly the only person in the city who is not free. He goes on then to suggest that on the day of the great games she gather up all the Great Masters and the lesser Masters and slaughter them all. It is a good idea, but Dany tells him that she is a Queen not a butcher.

Back in Kings landing Grandma Tyrell is seeking out the High Sparrow and she is not in the mood to spar with him. She of course is there for her Grandson and Grand Daughter and she tries to find out what it is that he wants, she offers him gold. He of course says that he serves the Gods and that they demand justice and he has no way of being bribed. He tries to preach about buggery and lies and she points out to him that he lives among worst sinners than that. She also tells him that house Tyrell will stop sending grain to the capital and everyone will starve. He says the many have stopped fearing the few. Doesn’t look like she is going to win.

Tommen however, is holding out on a hunger strike. His Mother who made the situation as it is of course tells him starving himself won’t help her. He shouts that he is the King the Queen is in prison and there is nothing he can do. Cersei keeps playing the nice loving Mother card and telling him there is sometimes nothing you can do in situations, while Tommen says he will kill every last one of them that he will start a war if he musts because he loves her. This might get through to Cersei a little bit, even if it does we all know how she is, she will serve herself so she tells him to be strong and not despair then asks to be the one to talk to the High Sparrow for him. A King can’t sully himself and all she wants is his happiness.

Jamie is in a nice looking prison room and is able to see his Daughter for a brief time. His Daughter tells him off, saying that he doesn’t know her when he says he doesn’t understand that she loves the Prince she was sent to marry. His compatriot in arms is singing a song about dornish women and then spars with the girls who are in a cell across from him. After saying a woman more beautiful than her was found in Kings landing, he gets treated to a show as the dornish girl strips down behind the bars and plays with herself. Like all men he gets distracted and then strangely, he starts to have his sight go and his nose bleeds. Turns out her dagger was coated with a long lasting poison and she has the antidote which she waves about for him trying to get him to say who is the most beautiful woman in the world when he says she is she gives him the cure, interesting game.

Grandma Tyrell has a meeting with Little finger and she tells him off about how they murdered a King together. If her house should fall she won’t hide it including if she meets with an accident. Little finger says he has a gift for her, the same that he gave Cersei a handsome young man. This should be interesting.

Back in the slave city Dany is making rounds to go and meet and see the fighters, it is tradition apparently before the big day. Of course little does she know just who is included in this as she settles with her fiance. The fighting starts and Jorah goes to peer out the slave window and he sees Dany sitting and watching she is clearly not enjoying herself and is getting ready to leave. When she tries her fiance stops her and that’s when Jorah makes his move. He heads out into the fighting ring and starts demolishing the men there with a helmet on. Tyrion is chained and trying to free himself a big man finally gives him some assistance as Jorah wins the day and comes before his Queen taking his helmet off. Dany is surprised to see him, but then says get him out of her sight and as he is being dragged off, he says there is a Gift he brought her. Tyrion comes out then and says it is true and he is the gift and announces who he is, that gets her attention.

Cersei goes to see the Queen and tries to be sugar and sweet, she is told to go to hell you hateful bitch. Can’t blame her there. She of course, then goes to meet with the High Sparrow and talk about the trial and what will happen with that or about what will happen if one confesses first instead. Cersei gets a history lesson about the tower they are in there as well. She doesn’t like when he suggests to here what they will find when they strip away her finery and he tells her about a young man that came to them. Then of course enters Cersei’s former lover when she tries to leave her way is blocked and taken prisoner. She is thrown into a cell and tells the woman who does it that her face is the last thing she will see before she dies. Well Cersei, this is what you get when you play with religious nut jobs. Nice to see something backfire on her!

HBO’s Game of Thrones

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