Game of Thrones 46 Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

It is Sunday and so time to see how the battle for the Iron throne goes. We open again with Arya bathing the dead. When she is done people with a stretcher come in and take the body. When she tries to follow them and find out what they are doing with the bodies, her partner locks the door and tells her to get back to work and that she will find out what happens to the bodies when it is time. Turns out her partner in crime was also from Westeros and the Daughter of a powerful lord, or at least that is what she says at the end of her story she asks if it was true or a lie then tells Arya to get back to work.

That night as she is sleeping the man again comes and asks her who she is and where she came from. She continues to tell the story, but she slips in lies throughout the story. When she lies he hits her because he can tell that it is a lie. When she yells that it is not a lie, he hits her again and then again for replying. She then tells him she is not playing the stupid game anymore.

Jorah meanwhile, is hiding his infection while still traveling with Tyrion. They are agreeing about things, but Jorah finally asks him why he was in a crate and where he was found. So he tells the story about killing his Father and about Shae. Sadly then he ends up blabbing like a big mouth that Jorah’s Father is dead and tells of how he died being murdered by his own men beyond the wall. Jorah is upset by this, but they keep moving.

Arya is back to scrubbing things this time the floor when a man with a very sick girl comes in. He says he has taken her to every healer, spent every penny and that she suffers but he wants it to end. Arya goes to the girl who says it hurts and tells her not to be afraid and then tells her a story about being sick and dying. The story is clearly a lie to the viewer, but the girl believes it as she drinks the water from the fountain offered to her. As she does so the man watches and then the girl is dead and Arya washes her as well. When she sees she is being watched, she follows the man down a path to where she finds a very large odd crypt with tens of thousands and probably more than that heads and faces in pillars. The man pronounces that a girl is not ready to become no one but she is ready to become someone else.

Tyrion is still talking to his traveling companion and Jorah tells him what he believes in. That he never believed in anything bigger than himself, until a girl stepped into a fire with three stone eggs. He thought he would find her blackened bones, but instead he found her with her dragons. Tyrion of course points out that it doesn’t mean she will be a great Queen. Tyrion then points out, huzzah you win and now the woman you care about is the Queen then what. As they are chatting they see a slave ship. They are then right away surrounded by slavers. Bad day for Jorah and Tyrion. They decide that Tyrion is worthless except for his cock because it has magical powers, Tyrion manages to barter for his life by telling them his cock needs to be verified. He also manages to battle for both of them to be taken to Dany by saying Jorah is a veteran of a thousand battles and he should be taken to fight in the pits. That Jorah unseated Jamie and when the slaver thinks that is a joke, Jorah speaks up about what he did while he was with the horse people. Oh, silly man thinks it is a good idea to go to slavers bay.

Little finger is back in Kings landing and he runs into the sparrows which is a problem. Luckily for him, he gets warned to step carefully instead of getting the outcome that came of others who run into the sparrows. Perhaps it is because he addresses them with some respect anyways. Little finger goes to meet with Cersei where they talk about high garden. Cersei is informed that he has Sansa and about all of the plans for Sansa about marrying a Bolton. She of course is ready to cut everyone to bits, but he tells her to let the enemies of the crown to kill themselves and then go and kill the victor herself. While she tells him everything about who is there and who isn’t, it is hard to tell who he is really playing for as he offers up the people of the vale. If he succeeds, he wants to become warden of the north. Cersei wants Sansa’s head on a pike and he says that he lives to serve.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Cersei’s Daughter is being courted and her lovely Prince says he wants to marry her now. She won’t be seduced by him into bed early, but he does a good effort of trying as they walk in the gardens. They are, as always, being watched and a guard who has not apparently used his axe in a long time says he remembers and will protect them. Jamie is happily in a costume of the dead men they slayed and singing as they ride the horses, he has a pretty good voice. With their costumes on they easily sneak into the garden and then work away from the crowd of people. Things are getting worse though, as our other sand people are saying unbowed, unbent and unbroken as a mantra and head armed into the gardens. Jamie finds his Daughter making out with the Prince and shows himself to her. Her intended does something stupid and is punched for his trouble when Jamie tries to get her to go the others show, going to be a showdown for the girl. Luckily or perhaps unluckily if he is found out more of the guards move in and the Sands must drop their weapons, it turns out to be unlucky they know exactly who he is and he gets told “When you were whole it might have been a good fight.”

Grandma Tyrell is back in Kings landing and they are talking that if those who preferred men were all locked up in the dungeons there would hardly be anyone left to rule the Kingdom. Grandma then has to go and deal with Cersei herself. The banter between them is worth a giggle and watching. Cersei is not willing to unbend about anything, no matter what she is told. However, she says that Lorrace will be freed and there is nothing left to worry about. Cersei is more than smug with herself about what she has arranged. Everyone is being interviewed, including the current Queen in order to see if there is any proof that Lorrace lies with men she is only asking one question. Bad news for everyone, however one of the lovers is brought in a former squire. Bad news is a full trial is being called by the sparrows for Lorrace and the Queen, Tommen does not lift so much as a finger and Cersei is more than pleased with herself.

In Winterfell Sansa is looking very wistful and a serving girl comes in saying she has been sent to draw a bath for her. That she will want to be clean and fresh for her new Husband. It is Miranda, who then starts giving her advice about not allowing him to get tired of her and bored of her while Sansa is washed and the red comes back to her hair. Miranda then goes on to tell her about what bad things happened to the girls before, Sansa does not miss a trick, however and asks Miranda how long she has loved him. She tells Miranda that she is Sansa Stark of Winterfell and this is her home and she won’t be scared. Well done Sansa! Miranda is sent off so Sansa can finish her bath, she does of course look a bit scared once the girl leaves but she did well for herself. The bath is finished and she dresses for her wedding and Theon comes to collect her. Sansa of course refuses to take his arm, but he begs for her so he isn’t punished. Sansa doesn’t care what is done to him however and you can hardly blame her. The path Sansa walks to her wedding is rather pretty with lanterns set alight, although everyone being dressed in unrelenting dark shades besides Sansa is a little unnerving. Miranda is upset while attending, but Ramsay looks happy to take Sansa and though she does not look happy Sansa says her vow that she will take him as her Husband.

As far as weddings on this show go it was very tame and no one died. Sansa is brought to their rooms for the wedding night and Ramsay says that he wishes her to be happy he then brings up the fact that Sansa is still a virgin and asks why. Sansa tells him that Tyrion was kind and gentle and that she was never touched, Ramsay seems to think she is not telling the truth and tells her it would be a bad way to start a marriage and they should be honest with one another, then he tells her to take off her clothes and Theon is ordered to stay and watch. Sansa is accordingly mortified, but it is not as if she has much choice she is the perverts Wife now and she begins to take off her clothing. When she isn’t going fast enough for him, Ramsay rips her clothing, pushes her down to the bed and takes what he wants. Poor Sansa, and Theon cries for her.

All in all this was a pretty tame episode for Game of Thrones, but no less horrific it what it offers up. Things just keep getting darker and darker, perhaps the shows way of firmly reminding us at every turn that Winter is coming.

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