Game of Thrones 45 Kill the Boy

Another week in Westeros and time to see what everyone is getting up today after last weeks major kill off of the unsullied. We are brought right back to this with greyworm in bed, bandaged but not awake and Dany is mourning her dead supervisor. In revenge for what they have done some of the former Masters are gathered up and brought down into the bottom of the pyramid where the Dragons have been locked. Dany tells these people the dragons will eat them if she tells them too, and that they may even do it if she doesn’t. As an example, one man is pushed forward and is quickly set on fire and then torn to bits as the dragons feed. Rather then send them all to death, she says she does not wish to overfeed them and that perhaps she will feed them more tomorrow.

While at Castle Black Sam is reading about what is going on for Dany and how she will not leave until the slaves freedom is guaranteed. Jon comes in after they are done reading he is having some trouble with the wildlings and he is seeing the best advice in how to handle things. Jon’s solution in the end is to try to find a man that will be the new leader for the wildlings, lead them and have them listen to what the Lord Commander wants. He offers them lands and safety all he wants in the end is that they fight alongside him when the time comes. It is a good offer, but of course he has that thrown back in his face. It takes some haggling, but he eventually gets what he wants with one thing that must be done as well Jon has to go with to find and gather the free folk. Telling the rest of the watch sets everyone off on edge, the wildlings killed 50 of their brothers and the watch does not forgive that easily or forget. The main message Jon has? Winter is coming and we know what is coming with it.

Podric and Brienne are just outside of Winterfell and they find an old man who used to know the Starks. He like all are upset that the Bolton’s are in the castle, but Brienne tells him of her oath and asks him who he serves. While in the castle Ramsay is talking with his lady Miranda, whom he promised to marry while he was a bastard Snow. She is upset, of course, but he tries to soothe her by saying he will still have time for her when he’s married to Sansa and claiming her as his when she tries to say he won’t have her when he’s married. While back in her room the older servant visits Sansa and reminds her that she still has friends in the North and if she needs help they can move to help. Sansa seems to take this somewhat to heart before she goes outside onto the land where after a romp in the hay with Ramsay Miranda visits. They have some small talk about Sansa’s lovely dress that she made before Miranda cryptically takes her to the kennels and says there is a surprise down at the end for her. After walking along the line of snarling, barking dogs which are startling Sansa finds Theon in the kennel at the end. He tells her that she shouldn’t be here. After Theon tells Ramsay that he has been seen by Sansa there is an uncomfortable dinner where Theon is forced to apologize to Sansa for killing her brothers, even though he didn’t actually do it. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he gets told he will give away the bride at the wedding, Ramsay really enjoys tormenting people.

Stannis meanwhile, back at the wall talks with Sam about how he killed the white walker and thinks like everyone else he doesn’t look very much like a solider. Stannis does not think that Jon will come back and even if he does, he doesn’t have much hope in what men might come back, so he gathers up his family and men and start the march north. They are ready to take Winterfell. Jon promises the ships will be brought back from his journey and wishes Stannis a safe journey, it truly does look like he wishes he could march with them to retake his home. However, he holds firm and watched them go while he remains at the wall.

Greyworm finally grunts and wakes up. He has been asleep for three days and all he can think is that he failed everyone. He is comforted by Dany’s slave girl (former) and she even gives him a kiss trying to make sure he has nothing to be ashamed of. She is then called to give her opinion to Dany about what she should do and what she has seen how Dany should handle the masters kill them or let them live. After a heart warming speech Dany goes to the dungeons where the man who stood strong the night before begs for his life. That is when she admits she was wrong and he was right about a tradition and that she will re-open the fighting rings. Her ruling on that however is that it will be for free men only no slavery. She also tells him that to forge an alliance with the people she will marry someone from an ancient family and that it’s good a suitor is already on his knees.

Tyrion is still on the boat sailing away to meet with Dany. He is getting sick and a bit shaky now since he is starting to dry out from the drinking he has been doing. It seems they are getting closer and almost to where Dany is and on the way they are looking at the beautiful ruins of Valaria. Tyrion is waxing philosophical about how long it might take them to build such cities and then he tells a poem about what happened to the people including dragon fire. Then from the sky, he gets his look at a Dragon flying high in the sky above them. He doesn’t seem to notice them at all, just fly’s on then something jumps in the water and another in the boat. This is going to end badly since you are not supposed to let them touch you and they are in a small boat. Tyrion goes into the water and as he undoes his bonds one of the men grabs him and takes him down. Luckily for him, he gets pulled back up and after some banter is cut free and a fire will be started. Bad news for Dany’s former right hand man, though he was touched and the infection is already starting on his arm.

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