Game of Thrones 44 Sons of the Harpy

Another week and we dive right into another episode filled with all the drama we have come to expect from Game of Thrones. We open on a creepy beach with one man being knocked out and paid and then Tyrion is tossed onto the boat, well at least the vessel was paid for right?

Meanwhile, on a larger boat Jamie is sailing on past the Sapphire Isle as it seems to make him a little reflective. Down in the hold he has a heart to heart or as much as he can manage with his second man about why it’s important to save his “niece” and about why it has to be Jamie and not an army. It boils down to Jamie needing to save face with his sister of course.

Cersei meanwhile, is haggling over money and about getting better terms with the Iron bank. After she handles and deals with that she has a meeting with the High Sparrow. Cersei seems to be content with the High Sparrow and talks about wanting to raise the faith militant again through the King, of course. The High Sparrow is not sure about leading the army but that is why he was picked, and Cersei is going to work as hard as she can to get him on her side typical of Cersei. Cue the riots in the street as it were as people in black robes pillage and head to the brothel to kill more men, the faith militant are enjoying their work a little bit too much it would seem. Perfect, of course she has her future Husband of house Tyrell taken out.

Our current Queen, of course heads down to take out her upset about her Brother being in jail on her Husband. Once she sees that Tommen is not going to give into anger because he thinks her and his Mother getting along she turns to soft sweet seduction and play on affections. Tommen being sweet as he goes to his Mother who sends him off to the High Sparrow, he is of course blocked off and won’t resort to violence. Well played Cersei, well played driving a wedge between them.

At the wall Jon is training and he who styles himself King is plotting with his red witch about the march to Winterfell. Would be a lot easier for them of course if they had Jon on their side, but he refused. After training, he is doing paperwork demanding men from the lords of the land only pausing when he comes to Lord Bolton, who murdered his Brother of course. Sweet Sam talks some sense into him that they need the men and Jon signs eventually before Melisandre comes to try to sway Jon again. Her way of trying to get him to their side is much better than the Kings when she bares herself literally to him, seducing him. He refuses her, she still has the memory of his woman in mind, loving her and how much he does, but he is stopped in his tracks and stunned speechless when Melisandre leaves saying, “You know nothing Jon Snow.”

Sansa is having trouble coming to terms with her new role in life and is finding solace for herself down in the family tombs, lighting candles. Little finger finds her, of course, and tells a story about how he watched legendary people tilt in the lists. Sansa reminds Little finger that her beautiful Aunt who was chosen was also kidnapped and raped, that shuts him up a bit before he moves her out where he tells her he is going to Kings landing. He leaves Sansa by saying when Stanis comes and he takes Winterfell chances are Sansa will become wardeness of the North. However, if that doesn’t come she is to make Ramsay her own, play him as she needs either way the North will be hers.

Jamie nearly finds himself dead by a snake bite, but luckily he gets saved by Bronn and they have some good breakfast instead. Things are going there way until a party of armed men on horse come out to the sands and they seem to be looking for them. Jamie admits he could probably only take one if he is slow, so Bronn mutters and stands and shows where they are. Luckily the party just seems to be a general look out group and are happy to chat and disarm the fellows. Rather than comply, of course Bronn and Jamie fight it out, Bronn happily telling a man he unhorses should be slow enough for Jamie. The kingslayer has fallen a long way, but he soon finds his fake hand comes in handy for stopping a sword so he can kill the man out to kill him. Just when they thought they were safe, turns out the ships captain has been taken by the Ellaria’s children and they now know that Jamie is in their country war will be coming.

Tyrion and Jorah have an interesting conversation once the gag is finally removed. Tyrion seems to know exactly what Jorah is up to wanting to clear his name and make good with Dani, but it could go a different way this of course earns Tyrion a punch and a trip to goodnight land.

Dani is having some trouble dealing with her people not liking her much at the moment. Once again, she is being petitioned about opening the fighting pits. She still refuses too, but the man pleads with her that such a tradition will help to bond and keep her city together get her people to bond as one in some way. While he is doing this the Harpy’s are off and making trouble again, killing men when a guard of unsullied show up it turns into a proper show down. Several unsullied are butchered even as they fight gallantly and fearlessly as always. and the bells of the city start to ring. A highly out numbered grey worm is about to take his final blow when Dani’s adviser comes to his rescue, the adviser dies but grey worm manages to live although seriously injured. Not a good sign of things to come for the Mother of Dragons.

All in all this was another solid episode, it dragged in places, but they are setting up good solid story line and gave us a bang of an ending! We of course are left wondering who is going to die next week.

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