Game of Thrones 42 The House of Black and White

It is time again for Game of Thrones to grace our screens and this week promises to be just as intense if not more than last weeks. We open with Arya as she is arriving in Bravos and her steady deceleration that she is not afraid. The port is bustling and they continue on past to the house of Black and White, when she approaches the door Arya looks like she might be a little nervous at this point, but she still goes to the door and knocks several times speaking her secret words and showing her coin, she still ends up getting the door slammed in her face. So of course she sits down to wait and repeat her list of names.

In perhaps one of the most amusing little groups on the show we have Brienne eating her meal with her squire and not so far away Sansa is eating with little finger. Brienne seems to not be looking around at all but her squire points out that Sansa Stark, who has dyed her hair darker is just over there. Rather then exercise caution of course she walks right over and introduces herself and offers her protection. Sansa turns her away because she was at Jeoffrey’s wedding, not wise on the young girls part then of course Little Finger tries to take her captive. Brienne makes a getaway and tries to loose as many of Little Finger’s horses as possible on the way. Squire Podrick can’t control his horse and ends up getting dumped and is about to lose his head when Brienne shows up to save him making quick work of it. Then it is off to follow Sansa and Little Finger.

Back in Kings Landing Cersei is having an epic meltdown as a necklace that belonged to her Daughter was returned on a serpent. She has a fit at Jamie about how he has never been a Father, he points out their children would have been stoned in the street if he had been like one. He declares that he will go and rescue their Daughter, alone only to be taunted about that as well. Way to be supportive Cersei. Jamie heads down looking quite suave to get some help from Bronn. The bribe he has to offer, of course is a better girl than the woman Bronn intends to marry and a better castle to go with it.

Across the sea to the water gardens we go where the royals there are bickering over what to do. Ellaria would like to send Cersei her Daughter back one piece at a time in response to the death in combat, but the King says that they do not mutilate little girls there. You have to wonder with a woman like that, how long that rule is going to stay in place, but for now Cersei’s little girl is enjoying the water gardens without harm coming to her. It seems she didn’t even notice the necklace had been taken from her.

Dani’s men are hunting down those who have been killing unsullied in brothels they find one man and bring him in for questioning. After the meeting with information brought back to Dani she gets lesson and a reminder about her Father and what he did to his enemy’s. A reminder that perhaps she should be harsher on her enemy’s but she stands firm in her declaration that there will be a fair trial. Meanwhile Tyrion has decided to go on the road to find Dani and he intends to drink the entire way and he is not eating it would seem not even the bug that lands in his drink. He would like to go for a walk but is told no because of Cersei’s bounty on his head, to which Tyrion declares how many dwarfs are there in the world is she seriously going to kill everyone?

In Kings Landing the head of a dwarf is plopped on a table and Cersei declares it isn’t him. Let’s not tell Tyrion about that one. Cersei is off to a meeting with the men and does some tap dancing around the men trying to get one of them named as the hand of the King while the King is not yet of age. She does pretty well with the work other than the one man who refuses to see her as anything other than the Queen Mother, well this won’t end well for him.

When we check in with those on the wall we have Sam and his Gilly looking pretty comfortable. Gilly is learning how to read and it is sweet how she wants to. It is now time for Jon Snow to face the music about putting an arrow into Mance and showing mercy. Keeping with his desire to be a bit of a rebel he tells the King that the free folk won’t follow him because he burned their King at the stake. A reminder about how the North remembers is shown to us all in the reply that has been given to King Stannis, the only King they will see is the one who is called Stark. Jon reminds him that he is a Bastard, the North wouldn’t follow him, he is a Snow, so Stannis says give me your loyalty and I will make you a Stark. That is a lot for Jon to think about, if he becomes Lord of Winterfell Jon Stark he would no longer need to keep his vow to the Nights Watch and Jon takes his word seriously. Meanwhile, the watch is voting on a commander of the wall and Sam puts Jon forward to lead them all. There appears to be a tie when the vote is done until the last is cast and Jon becomes the new commander of the watch.

In Bravos Arya is trying to get some food for herself when a gang of rough shots comes and tries to steal her sword from her. She speaks big and tells them to turn around and go it isn’t until the man who turned her away at the door to the house of black and white shows that they run away. Then in an instant it proves to be that man is A man who is no one and that is what A girl has to become, with that she goes into the house and this is where those who have read the books might say that Arya’s true life begins.

Dani has to decide what to do when one of the former slaves kills the man who was her prisoner and awaiting trial. Keeping her hard line that the law is the law, she has him arrested for taking a life that was not his to take and then she goes out to speak with the people. As she speaks, telling them they can’t have freedom without justice her new prisoner who is seen as Brother to those assembled is brought out, he begs for forgiveness as she pronounces the punishment for murder is death. The crowd cries for mercy, but she does not give it. Perhaps a mistake given how many people are there. They then start hissing and throwing rocks so that Dani has to beat a very fast retreat to get out of the riot. Locked in her pyramid for the night she goes out onto her balcony to find her missing dragon her Drogon who has become huge, but allows a brief touch from his Mother before he flies off over the city and the credits roll.

All in all another strong week in what promises to be perhaps the best season of Game of thrones, yet lives are starting to collide and things can only continue to get more intense.

Game of Thrones

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