Game of Thrones 40 The Children

The Game of Thrones finale is upon us and it might be hard to beat last week’s stunning episode but we know Game of Thrones is up to the task. We open again in the North where we left off last week with Jon Snow walking out into the field of battle. He is taken into Mance’s camp where he is going to attempt to work out terms. As it turns out Mance needs the tunnel and to also get away from the winter. He vows to Jon that if he opens the gates no more will die if he doesn’t however every single crow will die. It is while Jon is negotiating that another attack is launched upon the camp, Mance thinks it’s the crows but they don’t have the men. It is instead of course that other guy who wants the Iron throne, Stanis.

There is some interesting back and forth Mance surrenders very fast but he does refuse to kneel. Jon steps in for him then. He says who he is, respects Stanis and proclaims who his Father was as well. It is then Stanis asks what he thinks Ned Stark would have done. Jon could have Mance killed but he is honourable and suggests he takes him prisoner instead.

Meanwhile back in Kings landing Cersei takes over a laboratory for some reason and then heads off and has an argument with her Father. Cersei in a bid to stay with her Son and not be shipped off with a new Husband lets her Father know what he never wanted to believe that she and Jamie are indeed lovers and the children are his. She then goes to speak with Jamie and tell him what she did also it seems to get her on his side about Tyrion, they have another nice time on the table consensual this time.

While Dani is busy taking guests in her throne room once again and meeting with a former slave this time that she freed. He is an old man who says he is now homeless she reminds him she has given barracks and food, but he reminds her that the young prey on the old. The man then asks her permission to sell himself back to his former owner; he was a teacher a man of worth in his Masters home. While Dani will not allow that she does allow him to sell into a contract with his former owner that does not last more than a year. When the old man leaves another man comes in crying holding a bundle that turns out to be a burned scorched corpse his child, and he is saying it came from the sky. Dani then makes the hard choice to contain chain and lock up her dragons. That being said she only has two of three, the most dominate of them is missing.

While back in the North the crows set about having a proper funeral for their men. They burn all of the bodies in one giant pyre. Jon is also then given a warning by the wildling man they took prisoner in last week’s episode. His life is never boring right?

Bran and his group finally make it to the tree they have been chasing after, just when they think they won’t. A stunning and beautiful thing that glows warm in all the cold if they thought it would be as easy as walking up to it though they would be wrong. Suddenly arms start coming up through the snow, skeletons attacking and aiming to kill. Sadly they do lose one of the group but then a child appears and says come with me or die with him. The group escapes into a cave, which ends up being a guide to the root of tree. Bran is told he will never walk again but then he will fly.

Meanwhile Brienne is out and about and the horses are missing thanks Podric. On the way however she sees Arya. They have a conversation about the swords and how a female is in fact a knight. It takes until the hound shows up and they talk some more for her to figure out that Arya is Arya Stark. The Hound and her have an argument as would be suspected that turns into a sword fight. Brienne wins the battle at first and tries to do the right and Knightly thing, but the Hound reminds her he is not a Knight and the fight then gets dirty. In the end she beats him right off a cliff and all I can think is well done. However, Arya has other plans and hid from Brienne then makes her way down to the dying Hound who tells her to go with Brienne that she won’t last a day out there alone. Arya ever being Arya says that she will last longer than him and awaits the finishing blow knowing he is a name on her list. First her tries to make her mad so she will kill him and then he tries to beg. All she does in the end is take his water from him (or maybe it’s his money) and walks away.

Back in Kings landing Jamie pulls Tyrion from his cell. He hurries him off telling him that he has friends and sees him safely out as far as he can. The two hug and say goodbye, rather a touching moment. I am angry personally for them making me like Jamie. Tyrion could have left and should have left instead he goes and finds Shay in his Fathers bed. Shay puts up a good fight but in the end, he kills her he is not happy to have done it, but he does it with her necklace and then he says he’s sorry. After that he takes up a cross bow and finds his Father on the toilet. His Father continues to say you are my Son, I would not allow you to be killed and I admire that you won’t dead. His Father calls Shay a whore and he says to say that word again, his Father does eventually of course and Tyron shoots him. The true colours come out and he says you are not my Son while Tyrion says he is and always has then makes sure his Father is dead. He gets his way off to a boat and presumably safely away from Kings Landing after that.

Arya is shown then on her own riding her horse to salt mines. She tries to get her way to the wall but the Captain she speaks to is form bravos and she gives him the iron coin she has and speaks the words. She is then given a cabin on board and set for her journey and we now must wait for the next season.

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