Lacuna Coil – Dark Adrenaline Bonus DVD (Chapter I-VI)

If you’re a fan of mainstream Goth rock/metal music, then it’s pretty rare for you to not have heard of Lacuna Coil. This Italian band have been prominently releasing their music to plenty of fans and they’ve continued to push the boundaries of their sound time and again.

Dark Adrenaline is the latest album from the band. It was released on January 2012 and is their sixth studio album. Plenty of fans showed their support by having it debut on number 15 of the Billboard 200 charts. The neat thing about the record is that the band really showed their best foot forward by including a bonus short film of sorts titled Dark Passengers.

Directed by SaKu (Roberto Cinardi’s nickname for the film) the six shorts feature instrumental versions of the tracks included in the regular Dark Adrenaline album. For this video, the entire length of Cristina’s dream versions of her bandmates are shown after they ingest a mysterious drug called Dark Adrenaline.

It’s a stirring and fun music video worth the watch. The music is top notch as well so can’t complain about that. Check it out.

Chapter I: The Injected
Chapter II: While You Sleep
Chapter III: Carnage Euphoria
Chapter IV: The Human Box
Chapter V: All You Can Eat
Chapter VI: The Sane Madness

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