Blutengel – Save Our Souls

Blutengel has definitely picked his moniker beautifully (his name means Blood Angel in English.)

The man with the bright eyed-contacts singing in the video below is Chris Pohl. A man of mystery; he was formerly part of Seelenkrank but he had to make an exit due to contractual problems.

It seems to be for the best, otherwise he wouldn’t have formed Bluetengel. To date, the group has released over 7 albums and late last year, debuted an EP featuring the single and video, Save Our Souls.

The short number is quite cinematic showcasing Chris with a backdrop of rundown buildings. He is singing into the camera while masked ladies in skimpy outfits are behind him.

Although some of the ladies are seen splattered in blood at the start; towards the end it shows how they end up getting bloodied. In fact, if you’re squeamish, you might be better off turning away right near the end as the ladies cut themselves and blood spurts out.

As for the track, it’s a nice dark wave number that highlights Chris’ sultry deep vocals. The beat is also quite catchy; perfect for the club dancefloor. Have a listen.

From the single “Save Our Souls”, available from November 30th, 2012.

Directed by Silvan Büge.

Aerial Photography: Sven Wendt

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