Warm Bodies

Is anyone else totally stoked for the opening of Warm Bodies? I’m riveted every time I see the trailer. Okay so maybe it’s just that Nicholas Hault, who plays R, might be the hottest zombie ever, but the movie is an awesome deviation from how we traditionally see zombies depicted. For those of you who haven’t heard of it yet, Warm Bodies is a modern twist on the classic Romeo & Juliet (I mean, the characters are even named R & Julie) with zombies. Step aside Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, you’ve just been outdone. Sure we could have done without the traditionally blonde, buxom heroine, but we can’t have it all right? With all of the recent attention zombies have been getting in the media (i.e. The Walking Dead, Zombie Boy, the face eating guy in Florida) it’s cool to see someone finally thinking outside the box and giving us the romance we really wanted in the genre. Just in case you’re ready to complain about zombies losing their cool factor the way Twilight killed vampires, remember–at least R doesn’t sparkle in the sun.

Warm Bodies Zombie Love Interest Nicholas Hoult

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