Viva Las Vegas: Spooky Themed Weddings

Do you want to go to Vegas and get married but don’t want the standard style wedding? Have no fear there is something for everyone in Las Vegas and Viva Las Vegas themed weddings has themes that will set your Gothic heart going pitter patter.

My favorite package they offer makes me want to do the pelvic thrust all the way down the isle. In-case you missed that reference it is a Rocky Horror theme. They also have some other fun themes such as Edward (yes that Twilight one), Gladiator and Phantom of the Opera.

When the traditional event just won’t do, themed Las Vegas weddings provide a distinctly different alternative. At Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, we specialize in creating a variety of theatrical experiences for brides, grooms and guests. No matter what theme you’re looking for in a Las Vegas wedding, we can help make your dreams come true.

Our weddings in Las Vegas have received acclaim throughout the state for their attention to detail and elegant, unusual and glamorous settings. The unhurried and personalized atmosphere we provide is designed to ensure that our weddings keep you at the center of attention on your big day. It is our wish to make sure your wedding dreams come true. Our highly trained staff is headed up by a professional with more than 20 years experience in the entertainment industry. It was his dream to create a place where a wedding in Las Vegas would provide the personalization that couples deserve. Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is the realization of that dream.

At Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, we understand that couples have a wide variety of ideas about what would make their special day even more special. To make sure unusual requests can be met, we’ve created a number of theme packages that fuse elements of a traditional wedding with the glamour, entertainment and fun associated with fantasy productions.

When you choose a themed wedding, you’ll find our packages offer plenty of choice. You may choose our most popular Elvis Blue Hawaii Las Vegas wedding or select from among our many other Las Vegas wedding packages. When Elvis guest stars, however, expect a truly distinct experience. “The King” will perform the ceremony for you and even sing a few of his hit songs. This ceremony takes place in a lush tropical setting, complete with hula girls that dance to Elvis’ rendition of the Hawaiian wedding song. Theatrical fog and lighting effects complete the picture. If something with an air of elegance or glamour appeals, the Camelot and Hollywood Starlett Las Vegas wedding packages might fit the bill. In Camelot, your wedding will include the royal treatment for you and your guests. The package includes King Arthur or Merlin as your minister, two knights to defend your honor and appropriate music and décor. Or delight in the glamour provided by our Hollywood Starlett package, featuring the “Blonde Goddess,” who will not only perform the ceremony, but also take some time out to sing for you personally.

At Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, we go above and beyond to ensure that your themed wedding includes all of the personalized touches that are a must to make your big day perfect. Most of our wedding packages include the chapel fee, a video of the ceremony, flower and photo packages and more. Plus, many packages also include courtesy limousine service.

Weddings in Las Vegas can deliver elegance, theatrics and memories that will never be forgotten. At Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, it is our honor to ensure your special day goes off without a hitch and provides the attention to detail you demand and deserve.

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