This Must Be the Place Starring Sean Penn as a Goth Rocker

Although getting the slow and steady staggered release symptomatic of true independent films, Paolo Sorrentino’s quirky This Must Be the Place, starring none other than Sean Penn as a quintessentially ‘over it’ Gothic (ex)rock-star, has been showing up in more and more screening locations recently. Originally premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in France back in May 2011 and more recently highlighted at the Sundance Film Festival here in the USA, This Must Be the Place and been receiving rave reviews and high honors on the circuit, including a nomination for a Palme d’Or. At first, I have to admit, I was put off by Sean’s less that ideal styling, but the wry understated sense of humor really worked to make the character seem like somebody I could easily know.

A bored, retired rock star sets out to find his father’s executioner, an ex-Nazi war criminal who is a refugee in the U.S.

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