Snuttock – We Learn

It’s nearly Halloween boys and girls! And if you’re still trying to complete your Halloween party playlist, you might want to add Snuttock’s new video and track to that one.

The Baltimore boys are back with a delectable and dark synth-filled dance track titled, We Learn. To match, they’ve got a mind-bending video that looks like it was unearthed from a dead aunt’s attic.

Directed by Laurie A. Smith, the video features a flashing film reel, a hand and (what’s become a staple in Snuttock’s imagery) a wooden doll’s hands and feet swirling around the screen. The words: “The house is built and then it burns, and all the while our insides turn. We learn to love, we learn to lie. We learn to live. Don’t ask why. We learn to love, learn to lie. So just sit back and enjoy the ride,” sporadically flash (making karaoke singing with the video a lot easier.)

Describing their music as ‘invitingly creepy’, it’s not unusual to find yourself grooving to this one. It’s a track that captures the band’s sound perfectly. Combining pop, dance and synths with complementary vocals, it echoes that feeling of stepping inside a horror fun house for the first time. You know something is out there. Your breath goes heavy and your pace quickens as fear and excitement overtake you in each step.

Made up of duo, Christopher Lee Simmonds and Bryan Lee, Snuttock is holding their own against the ghastly disposable pop music of today.

Show them some love by grabbing their latest record, Endless Rituals. In the meantime, check out the video below, you won’t be disappointed.

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