Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1 Valar Dohaeris

Game of Thrones is back and we are tossed right back into the thick of things as we open in the snows beyond the wall. The King beyond the wall does not live like all the other Kings (or so named Kings) in the 7 Kingdoms, my first reaction of course was IT’s CAESAR! (with long hair) I had to remind myself of course wrong show, we do not get much beyond the wall but so far promising Ciaran Hinds is a wonderful actor so I think there will be good things beyond the the wall.

Tyrion and Cersei still of course hate each other, as much as I do not like the Queen she does have some enviable fashion sense. My favorite outfit that was on the show tonight of hers was the part dress part armor number at the dinner scene. The whole lot of Lannisters however I think could be fried up by the Dragons as long as Tyrion was still around we could be happy about it, he is the only one worth anything and proved as much again with tonight’s episode.

For the Starks we do not have a whole lot to show , the premier did jump around quite a bit but considering how many story lines there are to follow it is not overly surprising. Sansa was doing some kind of silly boat game and sounding as depressing as ever but well dressed. Robb came upon 200 or so of his men that has been slaughtered presumably by Jaime and his lot, Mom is still being kept as a prisoner, not that you can blame him for that one.

Daenerys is by far the most interesting line of tonight’s episode. Costuming loves her and her Dragons are starting to get big. Away from the house of the undying where we last saw her she has set sail to buy an army of very hard core slave soldiers called the unsullied. We learn that in order to get the shield they carry they must go into the slave market with a silver coin, kill a newborn while it’s Mother watches and pay the owner. Not exactly the kind of guys you would like to meet on the street, but exactly what you need if you want to take yourself an iron throne. I mean really can you see Joffrey standing up to one of those guys? No I suspect he would go running away to his Mother like he did during the last battle.

No sign of Arya and I could do without the whole Red woman parts but over all a promising start to the season. Let us hope that they can settle down and give us some more in depth details as the season goes on, there are still many new characters that we have yet to meet.

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