KommunityFK Releases First Remix Album Ever

Legendary, or at least notorious, SoCal Deathrock Gothic pioneers Kommunity FK just announced the release of their first remix companion album, titled “La Santisima Muerte: Proper FKed: Vol.l”. This new release in now available on CD Baby, along with samples of the various remixed tracks. So far, I really like the sound of the Halloween Remix of Undulate, done by none other than Martin Atkins. I’m also getting into the Mew Wave Remix of Protektion, By Kitty Lectro. It has a drifty etherial tone that mixes well with the classic KFK style.

KommunityFK La Santisima Muerte: Proper FKed: Vol.l

KommunityFK - La Santisima Muerte

This is the debut of legendary Amerikan Deathrock Gothik Punk group KOMMUNITY FK’s very first remix companion album. It’s full original title is:
“La Santisima Muerte: Proper FKed: Vol.l”.
This will soon be followed by “Proper FKed: Vol.ll”!

“La Santisima Muerte: Proper FKed: Vol.l” is the remix companion to KOMMUNITY FK’s recently released brand new album from 2010. A few of Kommunity FK’s kolleagues were invited to remix their favourite trax from “La Santisima Muerte”, to ‘FK them up’, as it were.

Group founder/composer Patrik Mata along with his band member & group multi-instrumentalist chanteuse Sherry Rubber both performed all of the instrumentation & voices on all of the original trax.

You will be amazed by what the various artistes designed in a full bang on audio experience.
This album must be truly enjoyed with head phones & at maximum volume.

“La Santisima Muerte: Proper FKed: Vol.l”
Track Listings:
1. PROTEKTION (Death Pop Remix By Lucifer’s Army)
2. 23RD CURSE (Cut Up Method Remix By the Nova Expressions)
3. LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (Danse On Your Grave Remix By the Cyber Dandies)
4. SAGA OV THEE ILLUMINAZTIES (Goths Dead On the Floor Remix By Nadjia)
5. UNDULATE (Halloween Remix By Martin Atkins)
6. DESCENDING PRAYER (Holes in My Hands Remix By St. Hildegarde)
7. PROTEKTION (Edit from 15 Minutes Remix By Thee Wilhelm Reich)
8. SAGA OV THEE ILLUMINAZTIES (Elektro Rok Remix By Iron Cross Butterfly)
9. PROTEKTION (Mew Wave Remix By Kitty Lectro)

Kommunity FK want to send their many thanks to all these artists for their time and talent…

You can download your copy of “La Santisima Muerte: Proper FKed: Vol.l” at Kommunity FK’s CD Baby account 24/7.

This is 21st Century Deathrock.

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