Immortal Day Addiction


I just recently started playing Immortal Day and I could tell right off the bat that it’s the sort of game that’s going to get very addicting very quickly. The interface is really easy to use and while the gameplay limits graphic options, the features of the game are quite inventive in their own way.

immortalday-halloween002For those of you who have yet to play it (and I definitely recommend giving it a try) it is a unique sort of game. It actually reminds me of the vampire game that was released by Zynga (if anyone remembers that from way back, we’re thinking early 2000s some time and I’m totally blanking on the actual name. Might have just been called Vampires.) It was actually similar enough in gameplay that I felt some nostalgia when I first started, though I soon came to realize that while Immortal Day less graphic-based, it actually has a much larger selection of actions for your character.

immortalday-halloweenIn addition to the normal features you’d expect from a vampire game (such as prowling, attacking, drinking blood, training, etc) you also get the option to do things such as mine for gold, take classes to improve your base stats, smelt metal fragments and other intriguing things of the sort that you don’t get to see in a lot of games. It sounds a bit strange out of context, but the game pulls it off as pretty neat and adds a certain level of realism to the whole thing (especially since gold is one of the currencies you deal in and they give you a way to combine fragments, which is appreciated.)

immortalday-halloween004My biggest problem in my first day of gameplay was that the recovery time takes so long, but I realized (after I had already waited the hour it took me to recover) that there are actually ways to heal faster. There are a few game aspects like that which I found to be annoying initially, but if you stick with it long enough to learn the rules and familiarize yourself with your character’s abilities then your gameplay experience will improve exponentially. It even has multiple forums that include visual and text based tutorials, and a guild that’s specifically designed for characters level 1-5, so it’s very friendly to starting players, which is always good to see from a game with this level of detail. I feel like if I were the sort of person to pay attention to tutorials, I would have had all the help required to not make a fool of myself like I did when I started this.

immortalday-halloween006The last thing that I have to say about this game is that it has a really outstanding roleplay feature, where you can really connect to your character and really delve into the world. This is something that I find very appealing, not only as a writer but as an avid fan of roleplaying in general. The RP forums remind me more of classic tabletop RPG games, which was a big part of my introduction to the vampire culture.

If you like open games that aren’t 100% quest based, games that offer a variety of options, turn-based PVP games, or even just vampires, then Immortal Day is definitely worth a shot. Be warned though, as I mentioned earlier it is very addicting and it’s all too easy to get sucked in.

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