Game of Thrones 43 High Sparrow

Another week of Game of Thrones and it is time to see what trouble they can get up to, the first two episodes have been intense and this one has the promise to also be intense. We open with Arya on the inside of house Black and White sweeping as a statue weeps and a man sits by a fountain. She finally plucks up the courage to complain about sweeping the floor that she would like to serve and learn, but she gets put in her place that all must serve a faceless included and he leaves her to think about his wise words, so does everyone else who was in the chamber. This is certainly a mysterious place she has found herself in and she will find answers don’t come very easily.

While back in Kings landing the people are happily shouting for their new Queen and that bothers Cersei to no end, the wedding perhaps bothers her more. The wedding night is a fast romp and our new King is so very worried that he might have hurt his new bride and he happily pronounces all he wants to do all day every day for the rest of his life is be in bed with her. He is so young and naive it is adorable! Tommen is however kind of heart and joyful which shows, the first King of his name let us hope he will be a good one. Clever girl Margaery digs gently into Tommen about how his Mother will never let him out of her sight and that she will always stay in the capital cut in the morning when Tommen asks his Mom if she misses where she grew up. This of course sends Cersei to prod at Margaery and make sure she is enjoying herself at court, but it is laced with that hint of threat we have gotten used to though Margaery is not threatened at all.

Meanwhile we have found our way to check in with our Theon friend who looks terrified when some men who have been flayed are hung up. Memories of what he did to this boys sometime ago most likely and he gets to overhear that the Bolton’s have planned a wedding and we cut to Sansa and Little Finger. The news about having to marry the Bolton’s who slaughtered her Brother she is understandably upset and cries she refuses to do it. Until Little Finger tells her it is time to stop running and she must stop being a bystander that she loved her family and it is time to avenge them, his words seem to stick with her because Sansa comes back to the horses and rather than turn around she moves forward. The camera swings back up to Pod and Brienne, who is keeping a watchful eye on Sansa and following carefully, even if it means going out of the way. Better than that they have a sweet conversation and Brienne learns how Pod came to be a squire and she tells him that she will teach him to fight and to ride properly so that he can be a Knight, she can’t knight him but she can teach him. Brienne then shares her sweet story about how Renly was kind to her at her coming out ball that he taught her not to let them see her cry and he danced with her and she will avenge her King.

Jon Snow is a busy man at the wall when he sits down to meet with Stannis as he politely declines the offer he was given to become Jon Stark. He reminds Stannis, that he swore a vow to the Nights Watch and he will not turn his back on it, he gets called stubborn and honorable for his trouble which seems a compliment until he says that is what got his Father killed. Jon takes the backhanded compliment well and asks how long Stannis and his men plan to stay, it comes down to survival, they can’t afford to feed the Watch, the wildlings and Stannis’s men. Jon is having a time of it as the High commander and after some more reminding about what his vow could truly mean we may see him change his mind about staying with the Watch.

Back with Arya a bully comes to pick on her asking who she is and then she gets slapped for her trouble. A man comes to break it up and tell Arya, she is not ready, she has Arya Starks sword her clothes that if she is no one she is surrounded by Arya Starks things and that is a great push for her. It is a struggle, but she goes to the dock on the water bundling her clothing and her coin together and drops them in the water, it is only her sword that gives her pause, she holds to it and cries in the end she is unable to drop it in the water, instead she buries it among a pile of stones.

Sansa arrives and manages to great Lord Bolton without spitting in his face and Ramsay looks proud as punch to see her. Being back in Winterfell seems to be a little bit of a shock for her but a maid kindly reminds her the North Remembers as she leaves after preparing the room. A Stark should always be in Winterfell and now one is finally home.

Jon continues with his duties at Castle Black and comes along his first bit of argument when he assigns a man to grey guard. Jon deals with his problem swiftly he will show his strength as the High Commander and shows he will not take lip or a refusal to follow orders lightly by preparing to swiftly with his own sword remove the man’s head, he pauses when mercy is begged for and he declares he is afraid but Jon takes his head off anyways.

The Sparrows make another appearance when they arrive at Little Fingers brothel and remove the High Septon and make him walk naked around the city while getting hit in the groin. When he goes to the council, he demands that punishment be dealt out to the Sparrows especially the High Sparrow. Cersei herself despite complaints from her guards goes into the poor alley among the suffering. The meeting seems to go well and she returns to the castle with a message for Little Finger. Little Finger meanwhile, is very pleased with himself for what he has completed in getting Sansa engaged to Ramsay. The note from Cersei arrives and sets Lord Bolton on edge and he wants to read the reply that is sent.

We finally catch up with Tyrion who is on his way to Dani and he is about to go insane if he has to stay in the wheel house any longer. One could hardly blame him, he finally gets out in time to hear a speech about the Lord of Light and the Queen of Dragons. After that he of course goes on to find a brothel it is one of his favorite pastimes, they have whore who looks like Dani but Tyrion doesn’t want anything to do with her he picks a dark haired girl instead. The downside is he is still mourning Shae and he ends up telling the whore that he can’t and no one is more shocked, then him about it, when he goes off to piss he gets tied up and gagged by our old friend Jorah. Another intense and solid episode this week! Game of Thrones is on top form this season and only promises to get better.

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