Nordenfeldt Fashion Label

The German-Finnish fashion label Nordenfeldt was showcased in the movie Iron Sky (reviewed here) as part of Vivian’s intense wardrobe. She was one of my favorite parts of the movie so when I discovered Nordenfeldt was responsible for her wardrobe I had to check it out.

Their Rutt Leather Jacket is right up my alley and the Rena Belt also comes in Python. You heard me. The webstore currently offers more accessories than clothes but my hope is that there are new designs coming soon. According to their Facebook page a dress will be released in November, so let us pray. Plus, they dress Peaches. What’s not to like?

Embodies armor for the city with consummate classic design for the soul.
It is fashion for the urban avant-garde who has a strong sense of creativity,
innovation and strives for the ideal.

This seductive flare is inspired by an array of cultures and a span of eras.
An international label with an exclusive range of clothes and accessories
that combines sophistication and elegance with extravagant elements.

These magnetically mysterious designs are incredibly distinct and effortlessly wearable.
High quality materials, intriguing patterns and refined details make NORDENFELDT
essential in the modern Hero’s armor.

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