New Breed Girl – Sugar Skulls and Evil Bears

We met up with Amanda at the MAGIC Market Week apparel convention to check out her fun and playfully spooky pop-art japan influenced clothing line New Breed Girl. I really like her light and breezy sugar skull floral chiffon cocktail dress as well as the matching chiffon front top and floral bodycon dress. The light summer materials with roses and decorative skulls can come off as both appropriate for a lot of occasions, while still being dark enough for my taste. The New Breed Girl line also has lots of stylish cool t-shirts with black cats, tragically cute and evil teddy bears, black cats, and other critters, along with some men’s designs, hoodies, leggings, and even cute colorful socks. For having quickly grown the New Breed Girl business out of their Los Angeles kitchen, and being able to move into their own DTLA office after annoying their landlord nearly too much, we are impressed with what this creative and determined crew has been able to do.

dotd_chiffon_shirt dotd_chiffon_dress_1 New Breed Girl


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new breed girl

New Breed GirlDelia, Patrick & Nigel, the office pug, started NEWBREED GIRL out of their Hollywood high-rise apartment, with just $3000 & lotsa hard work. “We had just graduated from college & had little of anything – money, skills or resources. We really didn’t know what we were doing, but we also had little to lose, so we just went for it,” says Delia.

“When we first started the company,” explains Patrick, “we removed all the furniture from our apartment & shipped out of the kitchen. The landlord was always coming around hassling us and we were barely making the rent. We actually used to hide from him. We believed we could do this, but nobody else did. People would tell us we were crazy. It was frickin’ hard!!!”

“We take fun seriously,” is our company motto!

“NewBreed Girl’s head office is now located in downtown LA (thank goodness!), with a fantastic young staff who all pitch in ideas for designs,” continues Delia. “It’s a real team effort…we laugh a lot here. We really love what we do, & even though there is always some problem we wouldn’t want to do anything else”. “We take fun seriously,” is our company motto!!

The NewBreed Girl brand is for the girl who expresses her individuality through music, art & subculture. This New Breed of Girl is fun, outgoing & passionate about what she does and ultimately gets what she wants..and doesn’t take herself too seriously. With its California inspired simplicity, NewBreed Girl fuses social & street trends – from emerging Nu-Rave to the cutesy pop art of Japan.

Fun, quirky tees on nothing but neon brights is how we roll. NewBreed Girl is not just a tee, its a way of life! yourself & not what others want you to be!!

All NewBreed Girl tees are made in the USA “a fact we are very proud of, we believe in supporting the US economy & keeping jobs here.” says Delia, “we design, knit, dye, sew & print all our T-shirts in Los Angeles.” We are also proud of our custom fits – We adapt to the latest trends, whether its simply lowering the neck or shortening the shoulder, the slightest adjustment make all the difference. Tees are around for a very long time, so we make sure ours is a top quality shirt that looks & feels good.”

NewBreed Girls message to all emerging young entrepreneurs?.. “Go for your goals, hang on tight & never, ever give up!”

NewBreed Girl is available in kick-ass boutiques & music stores around the world.

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