Breathtaking Campari Calendar Lucky 13

Photos from Campari‘s 2013 edition of their infamously sought after, limited edition ten thousand print annual calendar have been released, along with this year’s play on the number thirteen theme, “Kiss Superstition Goodbye”, according to Fashion Reporters. This year’s calendar girl is the sultry Penelope Cruz, a stark contrast against 2012’s Mila Jovovich. I really love the dominating red of the editorial signaling a gorgeous alarm against the dangers of each superstition. Check out January’s black cat crossing on an ominous European street with a stunning Cruz in a breathtaking Zac Posen ox-blood draped shoulder bustier gown. As always the calendar is a visual masterpiece, but this time some of the months felt like they tried a little too hard. I mean, what’s with the broom on the feet, and did anyone else guess the spilled salt? Whatever happened to holding your breath past the graveyard, or picking your feet up over the tracks?

Starring / Penelope Cruz
Photographed by / Kristian Schuller

Campari Calendar 2013

Taking the lead in this year’s Calendar is beautiful Oscar winning actress, Penelope Cruz, whilst noted fashion photographer, Kristian Schuller, shot the intense imagery.
Set to take the audience on a stunning visual voyage, the 2013 Calendar showcases Campari’s latest female protagonist in 13 vivid shots, as she engages with intriguing and mystical superstitions, such as black cats, broken mirrors, walking under ladders as well as walking on cracks.

Discount prices to style yourself like Penelope Cruz below:

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