Project Runway Designer April Johnston

Is it just me, or does an All-Star Season of Project Runway give you secret thrills that no one else seems to understand? Remember in season 1, when you heard Season Eight’s April Johnston was going to competing? I was so thrilled to get another taste of her shadowy modern twist on fashion. Her signature combination of rigid structural details, flowing fabrics, and billowy silhouettes make Johnston’s one of my favorite designers of all time. Sure, she may have gotten eliminated in some silly ice-cream challenge, but who wants to see April Johnston sell out to sugary, pop-culture anyway? Especially since the Savannah, Georgia native professes her love for Edgar Allen Poe and her own nightmares serve as inspiration for her line, Mangled Courtesan. It would have been cool to see more of her designs, but I’m never angry when a contestant gets cut for not having it in them to sell their creative souls. Since the show the designer has launched a collection of fabrics sold exclusively at JoAnn’s Fabric stores around the country.  I can’t wait to see what she does next!

As a designer, April Johnston strives to bring an etherial darkness to fashion. Johnston looks to gothic romanticism, the readings of Edgar Allen Poe, and her own nightmares thus creating an unusual but ambient beauty to her work. Designing one of a kind wearable works of art from her visions of the dark side is her design philosophy for Mangled Courtesan. April looks to the nontraditional and brings her nightmares to life in a couture form. Mangled Courtesan combines an array of textiles from matte to shiny, within the maze of intricate patterning bringing to life surreal silhouettes. April Johnston currently resides in Savannah, Georgia after graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. She went on to show at SCAD’s annual fashion show as one of twenty-two students. Quickly after graduation in 2010, she left for New York City to take on one of Americas most popular fashion design shows “Project Runway” and placed top 5 in her season of 17 contestants. April also competed on Project Runway All Stars the first season, as one of the favorite contestants from all of the past seasons of Project Runway. Recently Mangled Courtesan has joined forces with Leslie Miller a fellow SCAD Alumni of 2012, to merge fashion and embellishment. This combination of aesthetics merges the dark but classic tailoring that Mangled Courtesan is well known for with Leslie Miller’s intricate alternative to surface textures.

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