The Mixed Media Works of Kevin Flint

If you love the look of unconventional industrial sculptures adorning your living space then you might want to check out the works of Kevin Flint.

This California artist creates artworks using various paraphernalia. His creations echo eclectic and modern aesthetics which occasionally intertwine with a pop landscape.

Kevin is not only a painter and sculptor, he’s also a businessman and quite the wordsmith (check his website bio.) It’s his creations though that boggle and replace the words with nothing but awe.

Personally, I love his custom beverage dispensers. They would be absolutely awesome to have in your home or if you have a business, it would be a great talking point.

His latest paintings and sculptures feature an industrial/medieval feel. By combining materials like metal, cords, wires, bolts and a host of things people wouldn’t think of; he manages to conjure up emotion and communicate his ideas.

Check out more of his work right on his website.

Kevin Flint was recently called a polymath, but immediately disqualified himself from being one when he had to look the word up in a dictionary. He is a painter, business exec, sculptor, designer, collaborationist, political scientist, pyromaniac, amateur physicist, outdoorsman, photographer, elected politician, builder, tinkerer, failed athlete, successful loafer, historian, US Marine, art director, bartender, deviant, author, performer, limerickist, logistics consultant, song writer, marketer, restaurateur, psychologist, pornographer, jack-of-all-trades, film maker, photo-journalist, aspiring cult leader and can field strip an assault rifle blind-folded. In the 80’s, he was a pretty good Centipede player.

On the liability side, he cannot keep house plants alive, is emotionally unavailable, and is a disturbingly poor singer.

He also has a serious fetish for writing bios about himself in the 3rd person. The past 3 minutes of typing got him very excited.

Finally, he is a firm believer that working together, people can engineer the greatest successes, or orchestrate the most spectacular failures.

He finds both end results amusing.

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