Angelina Wrona: The Sad and Silent Senta-Mentals

When asked how she describes her paintings, Angelina Wrona summarizes them as being about “dark, emotional and big eyed girls.” True enough, you’ll get a helping of these in her work.

Dissecting and looking over her “Senta-Mental” dolls (what the artist affectionately calls her girl subjects;) it’s easy to feel drained.

There’s an intensity to her images that sucks you in, making you emotionally invested in the picture.

Her subjects are often seen going through bouts of hatred, anger, sorrow, pain, even confinement. On one image, there’s a girl holding a knife; another one drowning or lifeless in a pool of water; while another is hugging a tombstone and so on.

One of my favorites from her is a painting titled, Framed. It’s a simple composition but the imagery and message is very powerful.

If you love dark imagery and paintings that do more than just “look pretty,” Angelina Wrona’s work is a must-see.

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