Best Western Hotel Deal for Wave Gotik

Best Western Hotel for Wave Gotik in Leipzig

Best Western Hotel for Wave Gotik in Leipzig

Best Western Hotel is offering a room deal geared toward visitors of the Wave Gotik festival, in Leipzig, from the 25th to 28th of May. Somehow seeing this pic on the Best Western website gave me a smile. I don’t know who this cute pair are, or if they even know they are on the site, but they look like fun people to meet during the huge annual Gothic festival. Be sure to stop by the Wave Gotik website too and look through their huge collection of photos from their past events over the years. There is some really great style on display there.

Thousands will celebrate Leipzig’s Wave-Gothic-event, which takes place every year. Join in over the Pentecost weekend (25th to28th of May) 2012 and experience the largest music festival of the “alternative- and black-gothic scene”. More than 100 concerts and a very rich cultural program will be organised throughout Leipzig.

Many festival events take place at the “Moritzbastei”, which is easily to reach by foot. The Agra-Fair Grounds with many concerts and disco events are just a few minutes’ drive from the BEST WESTERN Hotel Leipzig City Center.

Enjoy a pleasant evening after the event with spa and sauna in our BEST WESTERN Hotel Leipzig City Center.

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