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Thread: New website owner need your honest opinions!

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    Question New website owner need your honest opinions!

    I have just set up and published a new web store selling jewellery and clothing that caters for gothic and steampunk interests (because I adore both). I love all of the products I sell and have a policy of not selling anything I wouldn't wear . . . to me that just makes sense!

    I am not sure if the site truly has a sense of itself yet, it feels a bit all over the place and I would greatly appreciate some feedback on the look/feel/products and any possible suggestions for improvement.

    My site is called Alchemists Emporium and here is the link:

    Let me know your thoughts please! Thank you

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    Nice Site AE...looks good! The background image needs to be compressed a bit. Also, I would like to add, that I live in the North Eastern Part of The United States, and I have been looking for a warm winter coat for about 5 years now. I haven't found much that is made for men and also dark enough. Its a thought.


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    Just pure perfection don't you even ask

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