Steel Assassin Cyberpunk Makeup

This special effects makeup look probably wouldn’t work that well for a night out, but it is the sort of thing which makes for great photo shoots. Audfaced does a little heavy metal black and white video to show off the completed project, which she did for a stage makeup class. She generously also shares a behind-the-scenes video of some of her inspirations and her applying the makeup and generally showing a bit of what it all looks like raw, before being showcased in the final edited video.

Steel Assassin is an extreme concept makeup look I created for a project. The assignment was to choose among “rock, paper or scissors” (earth materials, paper materials or metal materials) to create an inspired look. I chose metal.

I thought of metal adornments that could be attached to the face, accessories to wear, props to hold and colors to match the scheme. I wanted it to be more than just a face so I created a story behind it, thus the chosen title of “Steel Asassin.” It is supposed to be a futuristic, harsh, cold, impersonal and a bit eerie. If it seems a bit fast … well, that’s what assassins should be. Quick and hard to focus on or catch. However, in the end I display some still images.

You can see that she has many chosen metal weapons and a black glove to conceal her fingerprints when hunting. The metal ring around her eye and the white iris within represents her sharp attention to her next victim and target as well as her surroundings. She’s silent and speaks little … it’s all in the eyes.

She is gifted with a talent in the skill of weaponry and hunting but also cursed with being bound for eternity to the cold metal underneath her skin. Always cold, never at home.

The look was inspired by themes I have seen within some mainstream movies such as Xmen 2 and 3, The Matrix, Blade and videogames like Assassin’s Creed.

I hope you enjoy witnessing the transformation and thank you for your support :)

== INSIDER STORY *** special ==
When filming this, Nightmare Before Christmas was on T.V. and I sooo wanted to just curl up and watch with my sister. But I needed to do this to finish for the assignment and I got so ridiculously cold filming this because I filmed it into the after hours in a cold room so with all that metal everywhere and in a tanktop … was not fun. Afterward when I took everything off I just rolled into a warm blanket and shivered and was glad I got it over with. Way to get into character and sacrifice warmth to be a “cold” character eh? xD

A good chunk of this look was improvised … I did have a concept sketch but some sections, like around the white eye, I didn’t really have a plan so I made it up as I went.

== MUSIC ==
Hell March Remix (yeah i see you Red Alert fans! haha)
Seek & Destroy Remix (original by Metallica)

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