Face off Season 6 episode 9

Another week of Face off is here and the artists are ready for what they will be doing this week. When the artists walk into find out what’s going on this week they walk into a dark creepy area and there old this week they will be doing mad scientists victims. They get to pick a tool and base their creatures on them.

Right off the bat there is a little more drama than usual this week when Rashaad starts having trouble with his concept saying he is more into fantasy creatures then horror. Then Tyler and Daran find out their concepts are very similar but neither is willing to change concept. Things move along at a decent pace for a time when suddenly George has a problem in his back that is so bad a medic has to be called in. Luckily the pain seems to ease some for him when the medics give him an ice pack and he gets back to work.

Overall many of the make ups were very horrific this week and the color pallets were very bloody. The judges had a lot to say about their favorites and least favorites this week. They loved Chloe’s work this week saying that her character looked like it came right off the silver screen. They did not however like Rashaad’s character and really disliked the way he did the jaw. Corrine was also in the dislike pile and they said that her makeup looked like bondage Rambo. Daran however they really enjoyed and said that his character actually felt alive and went beyond just meeting the challenge. But what was the final choice from the judges this week? Daran won the challenge this week while Corrine was sent home. Do you think the judges made the right choice?

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