Face off Season 6 episode 8

It is time for Face off and our makeup artists are in Japan this week for a whole new host of challenges. The event starts with them doing a foundation challenge in which they have to create their own Oni, one of the most common creatures in Japanese culture. The winner of this foundation challenge is going to have immunity so the gloves come off. All of the Oni’s have interesting color combinations that could be pulled into everyday make up for eyes and lips, the outfits they are in are so something you could wear as well in the right situations. The winner of the foundation challenge was Daran chosen by guest judge Kazuhiro Tsuji.

There is no time to breathe as the Spotlight challenge is assigned right away, the artists must make an original stylized Anime character. The character not only has to be anime and original but an alter ego of the artists themselves. They get sent to the anime capital of Japan to find inspiration for the characters and while there go into a cosplay café so they can have some time to sketch. Once they get some input it is time to head back to the lab and start working.

As seems to be the case this season things start out pretty easy but then a little bit of drama crops up when Corrine feels like her look is a bit too much like Chloe’s so she is worried about her entire concept before it is even done being sculpted. Chloe while seeing that is not too worried because she knows they have very different paint styles and we all know that paint can make the difference in a makeup on face off. Day 2 shows George getting a little behind and worried that he might have had too much to do, but all he can do is plug along into application day.

Application day brings things to a hectic pace as always and Chloe has a run in with Graham that ends up splitting her lip, but she doesn’t have time to have it looked at because it is time to go to last looks. When time is up some are happier than others with the projects they have completed and have ready to show to the judges, including once again guest judge Kazuhiro Tsuji. Overall the make ups seem to be good but not the best we have seen this season, the paint jobs overall seem to be what is lacking for me. As always however, what did the judges think? They thought some of the looks were bad, including Vee calling one a reject from poison ivy’s lab, but Daran & Corrine hit the top notes for them with Daran being labeled as the overall winner and in a surprise twist no one was sent home by using the judges save Graham from going home.

Face Off Ego Trip Japan

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