Face Off season 6 episode 15

It is time for Face off once again and this week is the season finale and three artists will be battling it out for the supreme winner. After getting to video conference with family the artists are off to the lab and they walk in to find laser lights and a whole dark area. The project for the finale is that they must each create two new and conflicting alien races; their inspiration will be from the constellations. They do get some help of course from eliminated artists with each getting to choose 2 for their team. The creations must also survive a huge dance number while also working in laser lines and lights into the design. Making for a tall order but this is the finale.

Tyler is the first one to run into some issues with time. He is used to getting his faces in to mold the first day of work but this time, with this finale he is not going to be able to and he is stressing out because of it. When the second day dawns George seems to have everything in hand perfectly and Tyler has calmed down and seems to be getting things molded and he is taking full advantage of his team and using their strengths. George also has a great deal of his work done and while he is feeling the pressure, he is also feeling in a somewhat safe place.

Day 3 brings more stress for the artists, George finds his female alien face has ripped and he has to run it again instead of trying to patch it. Rashaad is a little worried about time and hoping the details of some of his pieces come out because they are important to the entire alien. When they go to crack open their mold for the cowl the mold has not set at all. They decide to put a strap on it and let it cure overnight then run it in poly foam which was not Rashaads first choice.

When application day arrives Rashaads mold comes apart somewhat he decides it will be workable. While George finds now his male face has a large rip in it and he does not have time to run another one so he does a patch job. Tylers application starts off well and he is once again making sure to use his team to his full advantage. Time always comes down to the last minute but everyone seems to finish and get their aliens off for the dancing.

Tyler used a very drastic color difference in his two characters and both looked very good, though mayve not an exact matched set. The colors and wardrobe could come from either and be made into an everyday gothic looks which makes them that much cooler. Rashaad has creatures that seem to be from the same planet and no doubt that they could both do some damage, again some beautiful color choices having been made. George had the closet in color to one another and used a deep and dark shade making them stand dark and proud, the same and also different. The dance with DJ Rosco goes off very well and everything seems to make it through. What do the judges think?

Overall they were impressed with the work that was done. They admired the work that Rashaad did to cover up his patch in making it look like a scar for his creature. Tylers female was their favorite of his and George they loved his males sculpting work. So in the end who won the night? Who became the grand champion of face off, Rashaad was the winner.

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