Face Off season 6 episode 14

Last week when we left Face off the artists had to jump right into another challenge, they are driven to a set and must create a Werewolf not only do they have to create a Werewolf but it be from the same world as the Vampire they created last week. They are told that their wolf must also have a new feature that has evolved just so they can take vampires down. They are reminded that this is the last spotlight challenge and it will be time to pick the top 3 after this one.

The artists seem to be working well and working in good time as Mr. Westmore comes through and gives his suggestions. Overall he seems happy with the designs although he is a little worried about Tyler’s sculpt and he thinks that his does not read canine enough. While he gets back to work and is panicking the Westmore’s come back and give him an encouraging talk telling him not to worry about the Vampire challenge as much as he is and to focus on doing solid work.

The second day seems to be going good with time when Rashaad starts to have some issues, when he moves to take the hands he has created out of the mold the mold breaks and everything starts to crack off and break. George starts to have pain in his wrist again but he insists on powering through and will not let the pain stop him or get him down. George has some issues when his model gets sick and he gets a new one, but again he is going to make the best of the situation while Niko has to repair huge tears in his cowl.

The looks come out and they look pretty good, color wise they are all very dark and really even darker hen the Vampires were. The pallets would translate well over into regular daily were if you wanted to with the grays and deeper tones being used. In the end the only thing that matters is what the judges think, so what did they think? Overall they seemed to like the wolves and were impressed with the overall work but they did feel that Rashaad’s overall look fell a little bit short and they did not feel it could take on his Vampire. In the end there could only be one winner and one sent home just before the finale, it was George who won the night and Niko who went home, do you think they made the right choice?

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