Face Off season 6 episode 13

Another week of Face off and this week we have our final four. The artists have no idea what they are in for when they are brought to a famous mausoleum and are getting a little scared by being around so many dead people, they get informed then they will be doing a take on the most famous movie monster of all time, Vampires. The artists must go down a hall and open coffins to find a stake that has a name on them; the name is a legendary vampire. They must create a new look on the legendary monsters and it should prove to be interesting.

The artists get to work right away and are cruising along fairly well. Mr. Westmore gives them some solid advice on his walk through. Things are still going along well for our artists until Rashaad takes out his facial piece and finds there is a very large tear in it, one that may render the piece unusable. While Tyler finds on his work that he has made the chest piece to large and it may not be useable if it won’t dry in time, in the end he has to settle for making an illusion of large wings while keeping them small so his entire design isn’t scrapped.

During application George makes a critical mistake in putting the nails on his fingers on the wrong side. This causes an edge that he did not want to show to be seen and his only hope is to take care of it with paint, while Tyler is sure he won’t get his done on time. Last looks is a rush of everyone running out of time between getting everything done and getting everything perfect.

My feeling on the overall looks from a distance were creative and creepy so they did the basics of the challenge. The pallets of color used on all of the monsters could be transferred into a look for normal Gothic use, I feel that George’s red would be the easiest and most fun in a fashion sense with the loud pop of red. My favorite overall look was Rashaad, but what did the judges think? They felt that Niko’s story was good but his actual creation needed some more work to it, while Rashaad was told that his creation was set ready. Tyler was told his sculpt was rough and his paint job let him down and may send him home. While George was told that his facial sculpts was good and it worked well however the rest of it like the fingers fell short. There can only be one winner and one sent home, so who do we have this week? Rashaad was the winner for a second week in a row, while before they announce who is going home they state it is a second part challenge and no one is going home tonight. Find out next week which three will get through to the finale.

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