Face Off season 6 episode 12

Industrial Revolution

It is another week and time for Face off, this week the spotlight challenge makes the artists have to create a unique robot that is taking over a human job. They are instructed to make bold choices that will surprise the judges, to not go for the obvious choice and each must have a special feature. They have also been given an extra day compared to what they would usually have. When Mr. Westmore does the walk through he pretty much tells all of the artists that they need to take away the human aspects.

Even with the extra day the artists start to run out of time not only is there a basic time issue, but several of the artists start to have problems with the fabricating itself. Fabricating an entire robot is not an easy task and some artists like Niko have some problems with how they have constructed the major fabrication of their robot. Rashaad helps Niko out however and things seem to be going a bit better.

Once a stressful day of fabricating is done back in their house the roommates give Daran a surprise, red velvet cupcakes for his Birthday which he himself almost forgot. It helps the mood and they will need it before application day. Daran has some issues when it comes down to last looks but he stays calm about it, while George does not like his silver paint job and so he adds a gold wash over it. Overall everyone seems to be panicking except for Rashaad he seems to be the only one with time well handled. In the end everyone does pull it together.

Overall the robots look pretty good and well put together. Some were more successful then others for the concept the judges wanted, but the general look is good. The big question is of course what did the judges think? They feel that Daran missed the mark completely and do not think his robot works at all, while Rashaad they said his was the best thing they have seen from him all season. Niko gets mixed reviews with neat, clunky and cohesive being just some of what is used for his robot while George gets high marks across the board for his design and the way he pulled off his robot. So who was on top and who went home? Rashaad won the challenge for his robot and it was Daran who was sent home this week.

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