Face off season 6 episode 11

Face off is upon us again and this week the artists have been given a trait and then they must create an original mutant that physically manifests the trait they have been given. This week they get to work with some fantastic computer artists to work on their creature concept and get a 3d look to help them along the path of bringing the creature to life.

Day one seems to go by with a minimal amount of drama this time; everyone is on track and seems to be accomplishing what they want to. They take what Mr. Westmore has to say on board and make adjustments to their look by going that route. Day 2 we see some falling behind, which seems to be the way it happens on Face off this year. George is having some major pain issues with his shoulder and by the middle of day 2 he is really showing the pain, he is worried that he may not get his makeup done.

Application day brings on the usual rush to the end of the line, the artists are behind and Tyler is feeling overwhelmed with the hairs he chose, so much so that he is fabricating in last looks. While Daran does not have his gelatin pieces glued down, George continues to have arm problems and Rashaad is busy gluing down suction cups. The question then becomes, what did the judges like and what did they not like?

Overall the makeup’s are cool Daran’s blue color scheme on his creature would make for a fantastic transfer in color pallet for a Gothic night on the town. They did not like the overall look over Grahams mole character and said it just did not feel very put together. Tyler however gets told that his makeup is beautiful so it looks like all of that fabrication he did, paid off well. Daran was told that his makeup this time was the weakest one to date, and was not expressive enough of what he was supposed to make. In the end it was Tyler who took away the win again, and sadly it was Graham who goes home this evening with a makeup being called “to conventional.”

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