Face off Season 6 episode 10

Another Tuesday is upon us and that means it is time for Face Off and a new challenge. The challenge that the artists have to take on this week is to delve into the world of Roald Dahl, the artists are tasked with making scary but whimsical creatures that eat Oompa Loompas. This sounds like the perfect challenge that the artists can really sink their creative teeth into.

As seems to be this seasons hallmark things seem to go okay at the start, but we simply cant get through a whole set of making make ups without some drama. That is what we watch TV for though isn’t it? The great make ups and the meltdowns of the artists (when they happen). Chloe saw some trouble again this week with her cowl not making a successful turn out, and Niko had a body suit that was so large I personally was pretty sure that he would not get it done in time, I couldn’t help but wonder if he didn’t bite off more than he could chew for this challenge.

So how did the make ups turn out this week? Overall the quality was pretty good across the board, you could see where the creative aspects went in and the winnings points. However as always there were some things that just did not seem to work, and the judges have to have their say on the work. By far my favorite color pallet of the night that would transfer into a fun night out make up for any Gothic girl would be Rashaad’s creature, even if it was a concept we have seen before.

Niko’s creature to me seemed to fall the shortest because as thought he just took on to much at once and the details did not pop out well. Chloe, well her creature lacked detail as well and the paint just did not seem to speak overly well to the concept at least in the kind of details that it obscured. Meanwhile Daran hit it out of the park with the look of his creature the details he did with the eyebrows and hair would have fit right into Wonka land with an ease. But in the end, what would the judges think? Who would win and who would be sent home. This week it was Tyler who got a win with his creature. Sadly it was Chloe who was sent home for the failed concept this week. Do you think the judges chose right?

Face Off 610 What a Dahl

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