13 Hours Left to Get Special Edition Mother of London Belt

If you want to listen to theramin music and look uber-stylish, while you do it, do we have the Kickstarter for you. There are 13 hours left to pledge to musician Theremina’s The Parlour Trick: A Blessed Unrest Kickstarter. Possible rewards you can select include a limited edition leather three-belt by rockstar fashion designer Mildred Von of Mother of London.


Should you choose to back our project, you’ll be able to pre-order A Blessed Unrest in a variety of formats, as well as aid in subsidizing ongoing production costs for:
•Completion of packaging design, manufacture, and release of The Parlour Trick’s premiere full-length album, A Blessed Unrest, in digital, CD, vinyl, and limited edition deluxe boxed vinyl formats. ($5000)
•A from-the-ground-up Parlour Trick website build, including extensive logo and merch designs by artist and designer Star St. Germain. ($1500)
•The bottom-line material, labor, and shipping fees required to provide our many delectable, high-quality Kickstarter rewards. ($3000)
•Completion of the exquisitely shot “Half Sick of Shadows” music video starring Rachel Brice. ($500)

TOTAL: $10,723

(The additional $723 bucks is the absolute lowball number that we came up with when calculating what our approximate taxation by Amazon and Kickstarter would be.) More details about those various production elements a bit later on.

mother of london 3 belt


THE MOTHER OF LONDON: A stunning, multi-faceted, one-of-a-kind brown Mother of London “Three-Belt”, custom made by world-acclaimed fashion designer Mildred Von expressly for this Kickstarter. Soft, pliable mixed kidskin with mixed metal fixtures and studs

mother of london 3 belt

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