New Rock Shoes

I have a weakness for boots, it’s in my genes. I’m going to blame my mom for this one. And I tend to lean towards pretty manly boots that look like you mean business. New Rock has been supplying the Goth scene with hardcore boots for quite a while, and you can see why. They’ve know what they’re doing. They have an excellent selection of sexy heels and boots for ladies and the men’s section is full of boots and more casual shoes that wouldn’t look out of the ordinary in the board room.

Now that my calves are hulking out from all this running I’m doing (don’t judge me people, I’ll chase you down and throat strike you) I can’t wear tall boots, which completely bums me out. But these Shorty boots are totally doing it for me. I might invest in some as soon as it stops being hot as the devil’s taint here. Check out the full collection, including corsets and jackets(!!) at the New Rock site.

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