Jesus Thorn Crown Replica from the Lady Gaga Judas Video

If you’ve always wanted to have your own “crown of thorns,” like Lady Gaga and Rick Gonzales in the Judasvideo; here’s your chance to own the same thing.

Creator Marianna Harutunian is offering people a chance to own a similar crown of thorns that Rick was wearing, right from her Etsy shop! This isn’t your ordinary crown of thorns, of course. It features 24k gold plated tips and uses authentic branches from Jerusalem. Plus, every bit of it is handmade so don’t expect two of the same items to look exactly alike. They won’t! Moreover, the same crown of thorns from Marianna was also featured in Vogue Hommes in Japan back in 2011.

Here’s your chance to own a little special piece that’s not only beautiful but also has a deep meaning behind it. It’s definitely an acclaimed piece that you should get your hands on if you can.

Check out her listing on Etsy right here and Vogue cover below:

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