Black as Diamonds

ice dot com black diamond engagement ringI’m sure by now you’ve seen the pics of Kat Von D’s oh-so-romantic proposal by Tweet. Now, fiancé, Deadmau5 posted a pic of a very Von D ring complete with flanking skulls on either side of a diamond, which he explains, will be replaced with a black one. An interesting, but not surprising choice for L.A. Ink’s Kat Von D, perhaps best known for the being the other woman in the Jesse James/ Sandra Bullock scandal.

Non-traditional rings are gaining popularity, especially with the blood diamond controversy; it seems opting for a colored gemstone has become quite the thing to do. Eric Johnson proposed to Jessica Simpson with a five carat ruby ring. Halle Berry’s rocks a diamond and emerald engagement ring by Robert Mazza, and who could forget Princess Di’s sapphire and diamond ring Prince William used when he got down on bended knee for Kate Middleton? Considering that diamonds are actually a more recent trend in history, I’m glad to see the tide turning towards the colorful end of the rainbow.

kat von d engagement ring deadmaus

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