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Artist and sculptor, Ann Schneider, has been making elegant and unique handcrafted jewelry since the early 90s. She’s the proprietor and so far, only employee of Anna Cinelli Designs. In her company, she creates handcrafted bead earrings, necklaces, bracelets, clay sculpted necklaces and recently metal clay jewelry.

She started her Kickstarter campaign as a way to raise funds for creating a cast for her beautiful fine silver bird house necklaces and jewelry.

Normally, it takes time to create even just one piece by hand without the aid of a cast. As much as she loves making them, it is extremely time consuming and detail oriented work to design even just one piece. Anne is currently 68 and would like the opportunity to lighten the process of her creation by using a cast instead.

With her deep affection for birds, she used the inspiration to create a symbolic signature of home and family. Each person who will pledge will be given special handmade, one-of-a-kind gifts.

If you want to help Ann achieve her dream of leaving a truly unique and lasting legacy, you can find all the details of the campaign as well as her beautiful jewelry over at her Kickstarter page.

Fun and elegant one-of-a-kind jewelry as donor gifts to help me raise $ for sterling casts of my hand-sculpted birdhouses.

My name is Ann Schneider. I’m the artist, designer, supply buyer, and sole proprietor (and sole employee) of Anna Cinelli Designs. I’ve been making jewelry for over fifteen years – simple but elegant beaded and crystal briolette earrings, lampwork bead earrings, bracelets, and necklaces (from glass beads that I make), crocheted necklaces, polymer clay sculpted necklaces, and most recently, jewelry from metal clay.

Metal clay is a pure form of any one of several metals in a clay base. It comes in fine silver, 22K gold, bronze, steel, and copper. Once fired, the binder that holds the tiny metal pieces together as a clay burns off and what is left in the silver type is 999 silver. I have worked in bronze, copper, steel and silver. I love working in metal clay, and the people who buy my jewelry really enjoy two things in particular about these sculpted pieces: first, they are one-of-a-kind, with each piece a little different from all others, and second, the jewelry is a purer form of silver than sterling.

Within the past few years, I have made birdhouses in silver and in copper and bronze. I topped each with a bail (or loop) so they could be hung by a chain.

Birds have always been a touchstone to me and to the other women in my family. We have used nests and birdhouses as symbols of home and family for as long as I can remember. I have made many of these birdhouses, but still, under fifty total. They are time consuming to design and detail. I love making the birdhouses, but they require fine work and keen eyesight. I turn 68 this year, and I am seeking a way to make these birdhouses a legacy of sorts. The purpose of my Kickstarter project is to take three of my favorite birdhouse designs and have them cast so they can be produced in sterling silver. I will still keep them limited edition, but I will be able to produce an issue of a hundred of each design, something that is impossible to do by myself in an efficient way.

These birdhouses make beautiful gifts, deeply symbolic of a love of nature, home and family.

If you’ll back me, I will give you something beautiful, hand-crafted and unique that I have made.

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