3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Purse

Sometimes you need something to cart around your poetry notebooks, black eyeliner, and jar of black widow spiders. (I’m kidding. I never keep more than one black widow in a jar at a time. I find that, in groups, they either don’t get along. Or else they get along tooooooo well and then they don’t get along. Chomp.) Best tips for choosing a purse are:

(1) Make sure you know what you want to put in it, so you know how big a bag you need. If all you carry is your iPhone and a credit card, that clutch might work, but it is not going to cut it for your iPad and your enormous eyeshadow palette with every shade of purple possible. (That seem MAC-centric, but you get the idea.) On the other hand, you don’t want to tote around a nearly empty tote, as that is unwieldy and looks weird in the not-good way.

(2) Decide how much you are willing to spend before you start looking. There is no amount of money which is too low or too high to find a purse with that price tag on it. The handful of purses we like which are listed below range in price from $32 to $1445. (Try the fun game of guessing which is which and then clicking on the pics to see whether you guessed right.)

(3) Go black or go loud. A black purse goes with everything (and probably gets lost if you leave it on your bedroom floor.) A really ridiculously wildly colored or accessorized purse also goes with everything because everyone knows it goes with nothing.

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