1Aeon provides creative and artistic hand silkscreened t-shirts and more on Etsy. The beautiful imagery of animals and dreams swirl together to become the designs that are inspired by mythological and futuristic elements. Shirts, hoodies and even underwear all come bearing the gorgeous silkscreened prints. Based in New York, 1Aeon has been printing shirts since 2004. Their items can be found in stores from NY to Tokyo. Images range from cats, owls, roosters, rabbits, wolves and antlers to crossed guns, Shaman Girls and Eyegods on totes, tees, tank tops, thongs and more printed on soft, burnout cotton and other materials. Visit the 1Aeon Etsy shop and see what amazing designs 1Aeon has to offer.

Dangerous, Beautiful or both.
I drew since I can remember. Sometimes on the wall, on the bottom of tables and chairs from the time I could hold a pencil. I have no idea what is the force behind it all. In some cases a very human feeling, sometimes it’s out this world. Dreamy, trippy, and usually make sense for somebody. My goal is to reach the perfect customer for every single item in my shop.

owner, designer, maker, curator
Born in 1976, double Leo, Year of the Dragon. Nature drives me, animals follow me, dreams haunts me.
Hand silkscreen OOAK tees, totes and more.
I compose my designs, I hand silk screen my items, I build and burn my screens, hand-dye my shirts.

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