I don’t read Bulgarian, so I’m not sure what Demobaza’s mission statement is on their website. But I know for sure that I love all of their designs and I want them all. Yes, even that denim cat suit number. Because I’m a cyborg from the future!! Demobaza is a mix of post-apocalyptic street wear with a little bit of Fremen thrown in for good measure. Which we will all want to wear when the sun expands and bakes every inch of this freakin’ planet. And some of us are already experiencing.

I wish I made stuff like this so I had plenty of extras laying around that I could wear all the time. Instead I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for when they make something in Large for my muscular thighs. And just wear all my Tentacle gear until that day happens.

All the products at store DEMOBAZA are LIMITED EDITION
or ONE-OFF only.
Every item is specially designed by Demo and Tono.
DEMOBAZA work with high quality
sewing studios and manufactures.

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