Face Off Season 5 Season Finale

It is time for the Season finale of Face off and as always it is a go big or go home type of challenge. This year the make ups must be based on Swan Lake one of the most famous ballets of all time. Not only do they have to be based on the dance but the make ups will be placed on the principal dances and must survive the dance. For as twist they have to integrate a specific time period into the design, to show how versatile the piece is as the original was set in the Middle Ages while the modern move Black Swan was in modern day New York. Roy took the Ming dynasty, Laura the Italian Renaissance while Tate took Industrial Revolution it promises to be an interesting challenge! To make these happen they get help of course and each finalist is allowed to have one veteran and one newbie to help them out.
Laura and Tate get off to a good start on Day 1 it seems to only be Roy that is struggling a little bit. He is having trouble with the ballet concept, but ever the fighter he will not give up. Tate by the end of day one also seems to be having some second guessing about his swan concept. With the start of Day 2 both Roy and Tate make some changes to their designs and get going but time seems to be the enemy as it always is between moulds not coming out right and sculpts needing to be redone. Tate is coming apart at the seams when he has to make a major repair on his swan mould and does not get the wizard done in time.

Day 3 dawns with Laura having trouble with her seams and having to do a lot of cutting work to be done. The rush is on and they power through until it comes time for last looks. When they run out of time for last looks Roy and Laura are feeling very confident. While Tate is happy with his pieces but he is worried about the crown because it was not custom fit so could go flying off during the performance.

The overall look of all of the make-up artist’s creations is fantastic as you would expect in the finale. The colors and costumes are so beautiful and pull you into what you want to see in the theme. Any of the color pallet choices could be scaled into something completely wearable in real life, and hey what Goth girl wouldn’t don a tutu once in a while for a fun statement? The dances went off well without any major pieces flying off and all of the dancers looked stunning. But what did the judges think?

They felt that Roy’s looks were so unique and complete that he created a very iconic look all on his own. Laura’s look was complimented for its lovely sculpting and how strong the sorcerer was. They loved Tate’s Swan and felt she was the best overall, but they were a little worried over his sorcerer. So in the end who was the winner? The judges declared the winner this season is Laura! Did they pick right for you?

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