Swarovski Eliot Cute Tagger Cartoon

swarovski eliotWe’ve been looking at some very couture Swarovski, but, back in 2008, Swarovski introduced some terribly cute little perky goth accessories. The cartoon characters of Eliot and Erika surprised even their creators with their popularity. Eliot was initially named Elvis and was a graffiti artist character. Eliot is sort of the Bad Bats Maru of the Swarovski world in that he is a bit darker in disposition . . . a bit more goth, shall we say.


Meet Eliot and Erika! With their joyful and colorful cartoon-inspired design, on-trend
look and expressive eyes, these two little characters inspire passion in their adoring

Originally named Elvis, our young hero returns as a budding artist and graffiti tagger under the
pseudonym Eliot.

Since their debut in Spring/Summer 2008, the pair has become a great success, eagerly
awaited each season by fans across the globe.

Easily recognizable and exemplifying Swarovski’s unique creativity and know-how, Eliot and
Erika reappear every six months with brand new looks and accessories, interpreted anew
according to the inspiration and seasonal mood of Swarovski’s Creative Director, Nathalie
Colin. “When I created these two little characters, I imagined them as complementary
opposites, inspired by yin and yang. Erika symbolizes joie de vivre and a positive outlook,
while Eliot is more mischievous and can be something of a grouch…”

So the story goes, Eliot and Erika were born from a single crystal egg, and at birth the fairies
gave them the power to bring instant joy and poetry wherever they go. Rediscover this magic
each season in the tales of their latest adventures, and in their fun design, fresh style, modern
attitude and bright colors.

This summer, the inseparable pair features a wealth of minute detail. An artist, but also a bit of
a bad boy, Eliot is just about to tag the lovely bow on Erika’s head! For the first time her eyes
are lifted to heaven in surprise, while her little body in clear miniature crystal Pointiage® is
partly covered with multicolored epoxy. Eliot still has the mischievous expression of previous
seasons, echoed by a scattering of bright pink miniature crystals.

Originally launched in the form of pendants, today Eliot and Erika appear on a whole range of
Swarovski leather goods such as coin purses, clutches and even handbag charms. This bright
and cheerful line of accessories feature the faces of Eliot and Erika complete with eyes that
sparkle with a multitude of faceted crystals.

Many other adventures are already planned for Eliot and Erika in the coming seasons. These
mischievous characters, full of life and sparkle, will certainly continue to surprise their fans,
perfectly illustrating Swarovski’s goal of bringing enchantment to everyday life.

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